Wargroove Nintendo Switch Review – Deeply Engaging and Freely Creative

Published by Stardew Valley publisher, Chucklefish, Wargroove has turned out to be a crazy strategy game based on turns. Just like Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series, this one too takes you to fantasy lands of Aurania set in the medieval period. The user plays the role of the protagonist called Mercia who is the princess of Cherrystone Kingdom. The story revolves around the mystery of how her father King Mercival got killed and the realm is seized by the undead. Though you might have played games like this before, still there is something that will keep you hooked to this Nintendo game. Explore some of the best online games using available AliExpress Coupon Code for Games today.

Not only the colors, the music, and the theme also keeps you on the edge. Moreover, the characters like Ceaser who is a dog leading an army, Ragna who is a commander and many more adds something unique and interesting to this Nintendo Switch game. The game is all about the great characters and its pixel art- Just amazing in that zone!

Nintendo Switch Review


Coming to the gameplay, it is quite simple- just lead your military unit and take them to win over some commander or an enemy base. In the game of turn-based bouts, you have to destroy the enemy camps and save your units too. There are many units that give quite a heavy damage to the enemy side like attack dogs. These can do hefty damage to the opponents while having pikemen to their sides for better support. Missions can last from 15 minutes to an hour- it all depends on your strategy that how you place your units against the opposing forces.

Unit placement in this game is a very very important part as it is the backbone of your military units and the time taken by a mission to get completed. There is a little complaint about the Wargroove publishers as most of the users might not like how it save system works. Though you can save your progress at any time of the mission, as soon as you load the file- the backend deletes the file at the very moment. Now you cannot save loads of files into the game and have to depend upon one only. So, there is no chunk of saved files left with the players so that they can load those previous files. But, coming over it, it was somewhat necessary to balance the game need which was making you invincible. This feature might make you vulnerable as every time you will have to come up with a strategy which you can’t take from before.

Game Modes:

Not only you get a single player mode, but there is a new mode called Map Editor. This allows you to create the levels and even share them. Moreover, you get a cut-scene editor which allows you to make your own story and its campaigns- long put short, you are the director of your own game and the story writer too. It is a fresh concept which beautifies the game somehow. The only thing you miss here is the “undo” button which would have made the cut-scene editing parts and level creation easier.

Further, the game also has a multiplayer feature which works pretty fine and sound with no lags and stutters felt. You can go against your friends online and kick them out. There is an option of asynchronous multiplayer which allows you to create your move at any time while you are having fun or any time of the day or night and then take them on to the multiplayer games at the same time too. You can explore ordering Wargroove with available Tata Cliq Coupon Code for electronics items.


Priced at around Rs.1,400, Wargroove comes with 15-hour campaign, multiplayer and a map editor and is available on the Nintendo eShop. The game is perfect and steals the show giving the late 2000’s feel, Some might feel that it lacks the newness and advancements like newly high graphics war and strategy games, but it is still likable just because of the way it is formed and maintained. With nice gameplay, lively characters and new cut-scene editor the game is a “three-pointer straight from the half court” no doubt, but the save system could have not gone this way. Overall, it is a total show stealer for the Nintendo users. So, if you are looking to put your hands on this game, it is definitely worth it.