POS Software in the CBD Industry

cannabis POS is an  inventory management solution, your cannabis retail technology is the most important investment you’ll make if you plan on opening a cannabis retail operation. You’ll report cannabis sales with ease and make quick, smart business decisions by choosing and implementing the right software.

Apart from the operational advantages, the software you choose can improve the customer shopping experience and make your establishment the go-to dispensary in town.

How do you know whether you’re making the right decision for your needs today and well into your green future?

We researched and gathered information from across the board and found 5 great systems you can choose from if you’re planning on opening a cannabis dispensary. Choose wisely because the POS is the backbone of your marijuana retail operation.


IndicaOnline is a marijuana POS system for dispensaries, which helps these organizations stay compliant and help them in their day to day operations managing the sale of cannabis, whether for medicinal or recreation purposes. It can integrate in with Metrc, Potify, and Weedmaps to help customers schedule pickups and deliveries, automatically transfer compliance reporting, and be listed in online dispensary directories.

Primary Features:

  • Patients: Manage customer profiles, track patient purchase history, and offer loyalty programs
  • Inventory: Track multiple locations, vendors, and consignments
  • Management: Perform admin work remotely, get access to statistics and your reporting, and assign staff roles and permissions
  • Secure Cloud
  • Physician Verification
  • POS: Cash and credit card support and routine updates from the online store. Manage patients, inventory, and staff all from the easy to use interface.
  • Patient Verification
  • Paperless
  • Marketing and Promotion

Green Bits:

This weed retail POS software solution provides compliance and marijuana inventory management. It has the following advantages:

  • Helps you stay compliant, avoid fines, and sync automatically with state traceability systems
  • Grow Revenue: Integrations with Weedmaps and Leafly provide you with a steady stream of customers
  • Run smart: Monitoring inventory and store performance from wherever you are
  • Delight customers: Easy and personalized checkouts for customers with loyalty programs
  • Rest easy: Strong uptime with top security and built-in support.

Primary Features:

  • Transactional limits
  • Customer verification
  • Full state integration
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Automated discounts
  • Online menus
  • Customer management
  • Customer registration
  • Emergency offline mode
  • Cloud access
  • Weigh stations
  • Reporting
  • Employee management
  • Inventory audits

MJ Freeway:

This seed to sale software for cannabis businesses provides business management technology to ensure you stay compliant in every respect. MJ Freeway is a real enterprise solution and can operate with businesses of all size, because it runs the gamut of in-depth cannabis ERP software to basic marijuana business management tool.

This company’s seed to sale tracking software has been used by dispensaries, producers, and cultivators to drive cannabis seed production and increase sale of marijuana products.

Primary Features

  • Vertically Integrated: Ensure every aspect of your operation can be covered with software from seed (cultivation) to sale (dispensary) without needing to integrate multiple solutions together.
  • Extraction and Infusion: Manage recipes, integrate costs and profits, and handle customer orders and electronic invoicing
  • Dispensary/Delivery: Provides inventory management and marketing. Create dashboards to evaluate projects, expected sales, and more.
  • Cultivation Operation: Manage genetics, yields, plant progress, test results, labor, and more.


This web-based point of sale and inventory management solution ensures simple and quick state reporting by means of easy integration with Metrc. This dispensary management system supports Windows, Android, Ipad, and Mac and many other systems so you can use almost any device with it.

Their plans are $150 per month on average and may include a fee depending on the plan you go with. If you want to integrate other software or your internal apps with the system, there’s an API especially for this purpose.


Flowhub is leading point of sale software for cannabis companies and compliance software in the industry. They offer a customizable, hardware-friendly system, on which you can create custom sales flows, tax tools, compliance, and Metrc integration.

If you have more than one dispensary, the system can easily sync between all of your stores so everyone is up to speed. Successful dispensaries like Green Dragon, Native Roots, and The Green Join use the system and are very satisfied with it. It is a bit better for larger operations.

Like some other POS systems for the CBD industry, they have a paid API that can integrate with Leafly, Springbig, Paybotic, etc. If you have a single location, boutique dispensary, you might have to pay around $500 a month with a $1000 installation fee, so that’s something of a deterrent.

Who Would Benefit Most from a POS System in the Industry?

If you’re planning to open a dispensary, you have to include information on POS into your business plan when applying for a license. However, this group of people isn’t the only target group. Dispensary owners who are thinking of changing their POS system because it doesn’t seem very effective could benefit from more targeted software. Technology moves fast, and there are always better options.

The third group is those who want to improve their bottom line and don’t have a POS solution as of yet. POS software is much more than operations – it saves money and improves the dispensary experience, making it easier to compete in a vibrant market.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to selling in your marijuana dispensary, you need a POS system that’s suitable for selling weed. These 5 options all help you sell while retaining compliance and observing local regulations. They also offer features designed specifically for cannabis retailers and growers, so you can be assured all your needs will be met. That’s why they’re some of the best POS systems for this industry.

Efficient marijuana POS software is well worth investing in because it will help you sell more, help with marketing, and reduce the speed in daily operations. All of the options we’ve reviewed are suitable, with some being better for things like growing, selling medical marijuana, or delivery. Be sure to take a look into the details to find the one that’s right for your business.