Why You Need to Recycle Your Old Electronic Products

Our mobile devices are an ever present part of our lives today. From the cell phone in our pocket to the laptop on our desk and the TV on the wall while we use them, we are constantly surrounded by technology. Unfortunately, even the best pieces of tech eventually reach a point where it’s time to trade them in. While it may seem like the easy answer is to just throw them in the trash or recycling bin, this is not the right solution. Instead you need to make sure that your devices are recycled with a professional e-waste recycling company. Here are the best reasons to make the extra effort to get your device properly recycled.

They Don’t Biodegrade:

When you throw your phone in the trash instead of finding an ecoATM to recycle it, you are sending a long-term problem to the dump or landfill. Many of the components of your phone are made of plastic, metal and other non-biodegradable materials. Long after it’s left your home it will still be polluting at its final destination.


Materials are Hazardous:

The dangers of your phone’s incorrect disposal don’t end with the longevity of its parts. Many other elements in phones, most notably the battery, contain elements which are highly toxic and can be released and allowed to seep into the ground when phones are left exposed to the elements for years on end. You can contribute to major ecological contamination if you don’t dispose of your phone properly.

Help Those in Need:

Not every device being disposed of is no longer operational, and not everyone can afford to buy their own technology. While access to computers and phones is a near necessity in modern society, not everyone can afford them, and when you donate or recycle a working device it can be redistributed to those in need.

Components Are Salvageable:

Even if your phone has become completely inoperable, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing worth saving inside of it. Often just one or two components breaking is all that is needed to turn a phone into a brick. When this happens and you safely recycle the phone, those elements can be harvested and used again. Many of the largest moral complications of modern technology pertain to gathering the precious minerals required, so any recycled elements help to reduce the need for more unethical mining.

Recycling Protects Your Data:

One major misconception many people have is that deleting a file on your phone or computer makes it unable to be recovered. This is not the case, which means if you simply throw out your phone you may be handing your personal data to a stranger. Professional e-waste recycling companies are trained in properly clearing hard drives to destroy your data during the recycling process.

Laws May Require Recycling:

As the above risks of improper disposal and benefits of recycling have become more well known there has been an increase in legislation pertaining to the safe disposal of electronic devices. It is possible that the city or state you live in already has laws on the books which regulate the acceptable way to get rid of your old phone. If you act in violation of these regulations you may be subject to financial penalties.

You Can Make Money:

Not only can opting not to recycle your phone cost you money out of your bank account, proper disposal can put money into it. When you sell your phone to an ecoATM company they will assess your phone on the spot, offer a price and deliver cash on the spot if you opt to turn your phone in for recycling.

When you can do the right thing while also increasing your security and making some money there’s no good excuse for not properly recycling your phone. The next time you have a device on its way out, find an e-Waste recycling company to make sure it receives the appropriate care.