Top 5 Best Utility Apps For Windows

The list of essential apps for Windows is enormous and increasing rapidly as the days are passing. There’s no doubt in saying that Windows is the popular OS and is being used by millions all over the world, to be more productive at your work, you need some great apps/tools to get started with. As I mentioned earlier, the list of apps is huge; it could be bit difficult to download every app/tool and try it out. So we’ve decided to write an article mentioning the best utility apps for windows to help our audience who is struggling to find the best ones.

Top 5 Best Utility Apps For Windows

1. Revo Uninstaller: Some apps come pre-installed in Windows, and we can’t uninstall them. And sometimes while browsings internet, some malware type of apps gets installed on our system without our knowledge or permission. Uninstalling them is a big task here, You can’t simply go to your control panel and click on uninstall. You need a powerful tool like Revo Uninstaller to uninstall such crappy apps.

2. Comodo Internet Security: Now you would say, that there are many apps (Avast, Quick Heal, etc.) for Internet security, but according to me, they are just crap. They just occupy huge space on your PC and does pretty much nothing, and the prices of such antivirus or security apps are at peak. Why spend such massive amounts on such apps when Comodo Intenet Security App does it for free of cost. It will protect your PC from all the internet threats and is very light weight.

3. Ninite: Ninite comes first in my mind when I hear about updating apps or installing. Updating the installed apps manually is time-consuming and boring, Ninite does that work for you for free. Installing or updating the popular apps automatically is just one tap away now with Ninite. It will automatically check the available updates online and provides information to the user through notifications. Trust me; Ninite could be very useful and time-saving app.

4. Razer Game Booster: A system management and optimization tool for peeps who are having a low spec or mid gen specifications. Nowadays most of the games, need very high spec hardware to run, Razer Game Booster can boost your gaming experience by optimizing all the apps running in the background to save the ram and load on CPU. I recommend downloading Razer Game Booster to all those who love gaming.

5. Speccy: Speccy is a light weight tool which is developed the CC cleaner developers, this tiny app will show you system statistics and information right on your desktop screen. It also shows information of your System’s manufacturer and model. Speccy comes very handy and could be useful if you want to see the system details like CPU temperature, the load on the CPU. Disk usage and other technical details.

I personally recommend installing these apps only on PC, not on laptops. So that’s all for today, hope you find the article helpgul.