Top 5 Android Apps To Book Flight Tickets

Your trusty smartphone is all that you need in case of you need something in this smart world, be it clothes, accessories, booking cabs and all anything you need will be under your fingers. Smartphones acquired our lives to its fullest. In this article, we will make a list of top 5 Android apps to book flight tickets.

If you have to book flights in case you’re traveling without a particular goal to India. Then you can make use of the below-listed apps which can be utilized to unravel every single transporting issue while traveling to india. Make sure have all these applications in your device before stepping into the mainland tourism as you can easily book cabs, tickets for trains and flights. We’ll avoid the conspicuous recommendation from  Google Translate and Google Maps, and get serious into genuine service providers.



ClearTrip stays consistent with its name which itself is most prominent ruler in the online world when it comes to booking flights online. Many flight ticket service providers take extra charges when it comes to providing tickets which you desire in the form of commission or extra charge. But ClearTrip takes no additional charges for the sake of such concealed expenses, and the flight ticket Insurance too is a discretionary extra which the traveler can make use of to decrease the ticket costs and stay safe throughout the journey.

Some of the notable reasons to choose ClearTrip is as follows.

  1. They take no hidden or additional charges or convenience charges on Flight Bookings.
  2. While you are reserving tickets for SpiceJet tickets we found that their rates were the least! In fact, they were lower than the rates on Official SpiceJet site excessively.

MakeMyTrip is one of our most loved Domestic flights booking platform. Because of its association with Payback POINTS! and an extensive number of banks . Presently, the rates on MakeMyTrip may not generally be lesser than that on Cleartrip, but rather the Cashback gave by their tie-ups with banks + Payback here is worth checking out once as it is actually better than ClearTrip. Furthermore, just like Cleartrip, MakeMyTrip additionally doesn’t have any convenience charges, you can get the ticket at the same price while booking your tickets.

You should check out the MakeMyTrip because of following services.

  1. No hidden and convenience charges on Flight Bookings.
  2. Tie-Ups with real bank’s Mastercards and payback points empowers you to get Extra Cashback

Via.Com basically amazed us by its booking rates and its usability. Not to be mixed up by its Websites and somewhat obsolete UI, has a portion of the best flight booking rates particularly if you book your  flight from either GoAir or JetAirways. In addition, lower rates Via additionally leads on –

  1. No extra accommodation expense charges at all.
  2. No additional charges on Insurance.
  3. You can make use of coupon code – VIADOM to get discounts on even the most minimal flight charges amongst its rivals. is the Indian part of the Global travel service provider. The flight rates on Expedia were keeping pace with every one of the services. Particularly in the economy flights, however, the extra Convenience Fees charges of Rs.200 on every reserving tickets forced by Expedia hurts the passengers in the economy flights


Goibibo spend more on advertisements as opposed to fulfilling the travelers by giving best rates. Getting to the heart of the matter, Goibibo provide additional GoCash, which may give the same rates as some other travel organization yet they again collect the Rs.200 Convenience charge on every one of the tickets

Also, to trick the users Goibibo offers GoCash cashback – which is the virtual money being totally pointless with regards to local flights bookings. You can simply use a small 5% of booking add up to pay by means of GoCash or Rs.500 limit (whichever is lower) , When it comes to economy class bookings the rates of 5% virtual money convey no worth as just it cuts off the accommodation expense which itself was extra charges demanded.