Top 5 Best Third Person Shooter Games

Third person games are the major rivals of first-person PC games, and the majority of the gamers around the world are looking for realistic gameplay. Obviously, a third person game will have better viewing points which involve fascinating actions and explosions made by the character. You will also have greater control over the character and game when compared with first person shooter games. The Top 5 Best Third Person Shooter Games mentioned below are based on the storyline, stunning gameplay, and graphics.

Note: Before jumping into the list, let me clear one thing, I love both third person and first person shooter games, and they both are fun to play. I am just mentioning some of the top and best third person games.

Top 5 Best Third Person Shooter Games

1. Batman Arkham City: Batman Arkham City gives one hell of an experience when played on PC at ultra graphic settings. Rocksteady has done a great work this time, the atmosphere of the game is phenomenal. The game’s incredible gameplay, visuals, and interesting combat makes it as the best third person game.

2. Grand Theft Auto V: I think there’s no point in saying anything about this game’s features and popularity because almost everyone knows how good GTA franchise is. GTA V was a roaring success for Rockstar games; it created a lot of ripples in the gaming industry when it was released and reviewed. GTA 5 is a massive open world game with lots of detailing and textures which none of the games till date offers.

3. Uncharted Series: Uncharted is one of the popular franchise of Sony which is available only on PS4. The latest game Uncharted four has won many awards for its excellent gameplay and graphics. Uncharted 4 is adventurous treasure hunter game which delivers massive fun and visuals. Uncharted series has garnered many awards, honors, critical acclaims, etc. If you have PS4, then you shouldn’t be missing this game at all.

4. Tom Clancy’s The Division: Tom Clancy’s The Division is mainly known for its extreme detailing and stunning gameplay material. The game takes places in new York, and it is almost 1:1 in size and scale when compared to the real new york city. Characters in the game almost look like real life characters and provide a tremendous amount of fun.

5. Quantum Break: Remedy Entertainment had created large waves among the fans when they announced their latest release Quantum Break. The game is not only limited to consoles, but it can be played on PCs also. Quantum Break mind-blowingly beautiful and stunning on PC and Xbox. Quantum break is a game which every gamer must give a try in my opinion.

Final Words

As i said earlier, i am not a hater of first person shooter games. This article is for those who are struggling to find the best third person game. That’s it for now, hope you find the article helpful. If you any doubts regarding these games, feel free to comment them below.