Improve your Online Gaming Experience: Lower your Ping

If your online game is lagging so much, there might be a possible chance that your broadband or the gaming server is not responsible. The responsible reason is lower ping.

A lower ping causes latency in-game and the user to do a jitter click.

While the latency in the game is frustrating, the Jitter click is not suitable for the movement of your hands.

What is a Ping?

Ping is the measure of latency or lag. Ping tracks how quickly the signal is sent from your device and received by your computer.

For online gamers, internet connection is everything, and if the bandwidth is low, the ping increases. We can lower the ping by improving the speed of the internet or removing the obstacles in the path of the wireless broadband connection.

Why do we require lower ping?

Lower ping means less lag; lesser lag means smooth gameplay. On the contrary, higher ping means higher lag. Sometimes higher ping also means that you have a poor internet connection.

Some of the reasons why your ping must be high include an outdated router, the number of apps running in the background, multiple users connected to the router, and auto-updates interfering in the game at the time you play. If the system used for playing is not up to date, it will also cause the game to lag.

3 Rules to follow for a lower ping and good internet connection

Use Ethernet cables instead of Wi-Fi

Switching to an Ethernet cable the first thing that you can do to lower your ping. While on a home Wi-Fi, all devices connected to it cause latency, loss of packet, and jitter due to unreliable network. When you have an Ethernet cable, you can ensure lower ping and a stable connection

While using an Ethernet cable, it is also mandatory to check whether or not they are up-to-date. Ethernet cables are available in the market in various categories; the higher the class, the better the internet bandwidth. So, they need to be updated because outdated cables cannot handle the speed up to 100 Mbps.

Close all the background programs and running applications

Before you start an online game, make sure to close all the running applications or any downloads that are in process. It is because the running applications or downloads may require a lot more bandwidth than your game does. This increases the latency. Sometimes there is an auto-update reminder popping up repeatedly; these pop-ups will also make your game lag. Streaming websites like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify run in the background to use a ton of bandwidth that your broadband will not be able to handle and cause your game to lag.

By closing all these apps, you are telling your system to pay attention to your game. This also minimizes the internet bandwidth as now fewer programs are running in the background.

Check the internet speed

The most important thing while playing an online game that cannot be ignored is your internet speed. You can do the speed test online by putting on Google “internet speed test.” Click on the first link you get, tap on the button, and you will get your current internet speed. If the bandwidth is lower than a hundred Mbps, you should know that your internet is the problem, and your game can lag.

You should also know that internet speed varies with the number of devices connected to your network. Disconnect all the devices that are not being used when you are playing your game to increase the bandwidth.

Playing online for a relaxing time can be tiring if your game is lagging and the internet is not stable. However, following the given tips, you can have a fantastic experience while playing. So do not forget to do an internet speed checkup, close all the background applications, and, if possible using an Ethernet cable.