Top 3 Best Free To Play Multiplayer Games For Windows

Multiplayer gaming absolutely fun and refreshing nowadays, it takes a lot of time and hard work to become something called Pro Or Expert in any multiplayer game. To become an expert first, you need to buy the game which has multiplayer gaming mode. As you all know, the prices of games especially in India are reaching sky levels. Now you need to spend at least Rs 2000 to get one which has excellent gameplay and mechanics. But there are some free to play games in the market which are absolutely free and delivers a lot of fun and joy. Today in this list, I’ll share my Top 3 Best Free To Play Multiplayer Games. So without wasting anymore time, let’s jump into the list.

Top 3 Best Free To Play Multiplayer Games For Windows

1. Warface: Personally I’m a big fan of this game, personal I must say that Warface is one of the best free to play first person shooter game that one can ever get. Just like other premium games, Warface also multiplayer modes like Team deathmatch, free for all, domination, etc. You can also co-op with other players to carry out simple and special operations. To be frank, this game is completely based on teamwork and skill. Warface has got some really cool graphics and mechanics which makes the game so promising and delivers pure fun when played with friends. You can also buy new weapons and armors with in-game currency, You can also continue playing without spending money on microtransactions, but it takes a lot of time and work to unlock high damage weapons and customs.


2. BlackLight Retribution Blacklight Retribution is an another free to play a multiplayer game with decent graphics. I love the feature of hyper vision of the game; you can see your enemies through walls to know where they are heading. You can easily flank them easily and get kills to increase your score. It’s pretty much like a tactics game; one wrong move can get you killed. All players will be having the feature of hyper vision by which they will know where you are. So basically you should be very alert all the time. The game features extreme customizations which make it more interesting and appealing. Play this game on Pc to know its potential. Though this game on consoles sucks because you have to wait a lot to get an operating room to play with.


3. PlanetSide 2: PlanetSide 2 is one of the best team-based and tactics game with promising graphics. Since it’s a free to play the game, don’t expect much content from it. Though the multiplayer fast paced gameplay is the primary reason why I’m featuring it on this list. Ir’s more likely look like an alien shooting game with excellent features. You can also drive vehicles in this game to kill your opponents. The game is so satisfying and refreshing which will make you spend hours and hours playing this game. You can play all type of multiplayer modes like any other game; microtransactions get the most out of it.