How to Use Tech at Your Next Event?

When managing conferences, trade shows, or other events, going beyond the standard audio and video can make your event more dynamic and entice people for a bigger turnout. Here are some ways it can enhance your attendees’ experience.

Live Streaming

You can live stream your event on your social channels to your fans who couldn’t come. Live streaming will engage an audience that you can retarget with ads, or follow up in some other way, and give them a teaser of what they’re missing. You can also ask attendees to use a hashtag when live streaming to their audiences. Strategically setting up screens actually at the event to live stream headliners or anything else you want to feature is an excellent way to keep event-goers engaged. Budget in led screen rental cost, and decide which areas of the event grounds will benefit from them the most.


Having a chatbot for your event is a terrific way to ease attendees’ frustrations. Where’s the bathroom? What time does the afterparty start? What time are seminars scheduled for tomorrow? If they can get all of their questions answered by a chatbot, they will not have to search the website or track down an event employee. Happy customers are repeat customers.


If you are hosting large scale, multi-day, ongoing events, there are complete apps with extensive features. You can include a floor plan, integrate social media, publish agendas, offer e-ticketing, advertise, brand, and much more. Many of these apps also have chatbots so you can do all you need on one platform. There are a variety of apps with excellent features, so do your research to get what you need.

Tech can turn any type or size of event from amateur to professional. Event-goers expect quality, so explore your options and be creative!