Social Media Mistakes Every Business Needs to Avoid

The social media platform these days can be said as a tremendous help to every individual in different areas. Many people think that social media itself is only a social landscape where they can catch up with their friends and family. But beyond that, it is a great avenue to do your business marketing as well. If you are a businessman, you might have not realized the potential it can help your business and have handled your social media platforms in the wrong way. Read on to see if you are making these social media mistakes!

Not Updating your Social Media Platforms:

Imagine how disappointing it is when a new arrival in your area goes to a social site, searches your firm by name, and finds your page abandoned and rarely used or updated! It gives the impression that the company is not serious. The user often wonders how your firm will be able to handle their work if you cannot manage a simple social page.

If you open sites and link them to your website, then they need to be updated on a regular basis to give a blogger a reason to visit the website. Remember, the aim of the social site is to direct people to your main website. If you have pages/accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular sites, always be an active member by starting and participating in the discussions on the social page.


Mixing up Personal and Professional things on your Accounts:

These two are like water and oil, they never mix! Having personal and professional stuff appearing on your professional accounts confuses the people subscribed to following you and they unsubscribe. It becomes very hard for them to get your brand. Personal stuff also limits your company’s online presence and persona hence reducing the effectiveness of the site. The disorganization that is caused by this mixing pushes many a customer away and it should be avoided at all costs.

Forgetting to Include a Photograph:

Having a social site that is missing a picture makes your company look faceless and unofficial. You have huge options of pictures that you can use. When setting up your profile, you should never skip the part where you are supposed to upload a picture, as the picture will make you visible. The picture, whether a personal one or the company logo, goes a long way in keeping a visitor engaged. It might be hard to believe this but social accounts with profile pictures have ten times more followers than those without any picture especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In order to increase your profile visibility on Instagram, buy Instagram views and get more eyeballs on your content and profile as well.

It is very discouraging to a user to find really helpful information by visiting your details page on your profile to find a ‘question mark’ for a picture. They will most likely copy paste the information on their computers and hurry off to find a more serious site. Rather than always losing prospective clients, correct the situation by including a picture!