Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Instagram

Digital marketing has made its mark in the marketing industry, and the influence and success of digital marketing are evident as consumers now rely heavily on technology and digital content. Digital marketing enables businesses to increase visibility and discoverability, discover and engage with the audience, track, measure and compare ROI, in a cost-effective manner.


The research conducted by go-gulf clearly illustrates the effectiveness of social media, on the mainstream marketing strategy.

Instagram has recently emerged as a profitable and feasible prospect for digital marketing. The growth of Instagram over the past few years indicates that Instagram is amongst the leading digital marketing platforms.

Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Instagram

There is sufficient argument for making Instagram an essential element of your marketing strategy. The reasons why you need Instagram’s assistance for your startup are mentioned below.

Instagram’ Growth

Obviously, any business would prefer a marketing platform with a larger audience, in order to approach a greater number of people. Instagram’s recent growth has massively contributed to its importance as a marketing platform.

The total number of monthly active Instagram users has climbed to 600million while around 300 million Instagram users are active daily.

Instagram also boasts 4.2 billion likes and 95 million photos uploaded per day.

The engagement rate offered by Instagram is also higher than that offered by other social networking giants.

As reported by Adweek, videos uploaded on Instagram draw up to 2 times more engagement than they would draw at other social networks.

Also, Forrester Research inc. claims that Instagram offers the highest rate of user interactions with brands’ as a % of brands’ followers.

The figures certainly look promising as the growth and engagement offered by Instagram is evidently exceptional and utilizing Instagram to boost your startups’ popularity would definitely pay off.

A Great Platform to Collaborate With Influencers

Influence and effectiveness of influencer marketing are evident. You can increase your brand awareness, extend followers’ base and drive sales with Instagram influencer marketing.

Instagram influencer marketing refers to brands collaborating with renowned and influential individuals, to promote and popularize the brand. This approach of marketing is highly effective as influencers are trusted and heard by people.

Instagram is an excellent platform to collaborate with influencers, who can leverage your Instagram marketing efforts.

If you’re able to collaborate with the ‘right’ influencers, the growth of your start-up could certainly swell at a promising rate.

UGC- friendly platform

User generated content is an extremely effective way to boost interaction and engagement with your brand. UGC will also enable you to increase your brand awareness and address new and diverse audiences.

Instagram is an extremely accommodating platform for UGC campaigns as consumers can conveniently add hashtags to their uploads and the brands can add those in their Instagram galleries.

UGC campaigns usually involve consumers creating content for promotion of the brand, in return for rewards. These campaigns are quite effective and cost-effective as these do not involve hefty costs and your consumers are ones who run the campaign for the brand.

Startups can initiate UGC campaigns on Instagram to boost their popularity and increase brand awareness.

Influence of Hashtags

Hashtags are quite the rage these days and Instagram has somewhat revolutionized the usefulness of hashtags. Hashtags can boost the engagement on your posts as Omnicore Agency reports that adding at least one hashtag in your posts increases the engagement by 12.6%.

Hashtags also enhance the discoverability of your brand on Instagram. Identifying and adding relevant hashtags in your posts will enable startups to connect with their target audience.

Potential for Growth

Instagram offers great potential for growth of your brand. This platform enables you to utilize numerous (Artificial and Organic) methods to stimulate the popularity of your brand.

Startups can, implement sponsored promotional campaigns, affiliate marketing campaigns, cross-promotional campaigns etc.

Startups can also purchase Instagram likes and followers. Third-party Instagram marketing tools such as Vibbi offer Instagram followers, views and likes at an affordable rate. Purchasing followers for Instagram will add credibility to the respective brand page.

Instagram Business Tools

As marketers turn to Instagram, Instagram has also made efforts to assist those marketers. Instagram Business tools were unveiled back in 2016. This set of tools is extremely accommodating and useful for marketers. Instagram business tools provide specially designed profiles for businesses, enabling startups to distinguish themselves as businesses over Instagram, offering convenience to consumers.

This suite of tools also provides access to Instagram insights. These insights include statistics related to your audience and the engagement on your posts.

Lastly, Instagram business tools enable businesses to convert their well-performing posts into adverts.

Instagram can play a vital role in popularizing startups. Startups can integrate Instagram into their marketing strategy to approach more customers, increase brand awareness and promote brand loyalty.