How to Add Impressum in Facebook Page 2018 Procedure

In the phase when technology was developing people were afraid of losing social contacts. However, such fear was removed by the social media site where one can keep posted about himself and others to all those who are associated with him in one or another way. This is the main reason why social media sites such as Facebook have been much popular among the users irrespective of age, use, and information that is shared by him. Today among the social media sites, Facebook is the leading one.

With the advancement of technology, businesses have now taken various opportunities to grow and expand using the internet. The modern mantra for increasing sales is “product promotion is the best sale.” If the product idea is not reaching the customers how would the customer buy it? So it very much important for every company to market their product to let the customers know. The most dominant marketing is done on social media platforms. One of the most useful social media websites is Facebook, and hence people prefer to promote their product on the same.

Add Impressum in Facebook Page

What is a Facebook Page Impressions?

Facebook is one of the most dominating social media websites in the modern era. Out of the world population of 7.2 billion roughly 1.2 billion people have a Facebook profile. Considering that a person has an average of 100 friends, it can be understood that why Facebook is the foremost social media company. Due to the many users on the platform, Facebook initiated a marketing venture wherein businesses can create a Facebook page for the company and promote the product across the globe. Due to so many users, it is natural that the business will owner will get assured likes on the official page of the company.

When the company posts a new product or its related information the people who are following the page will get to check the product and hence they will be interested to know more about the product. When the customer is satisfied with the product information, he is pretty much convinced to buy the product. This, in turn, increases the sales of the company and revenue generation is boosted. But what convinces business owners to create a Facebook page? Creating a Facebook page is absolutely FREE. Yes, it is free. A user does not have to pay anything for creating a page, and the benefits include that Facebook itself asks you to enter an email address, postal address, contact number and other information on the page. Once the details are entered and submitted, they’ll go live, and no coding is needed to do that. Just enter the information and Facebook will handle the rest.

 Facebook page and product promotion: A big HOW?

The most common question among business owners is once the page is created on how to promote it. There are two ways to promote the page. The first one is mouth to mouth publicity or inbox to inbox publicity. One can ask his friends and family to like the page by sharing the link, and one can also request them to ask their friends and family to like the page. The other method is chargeable; Facebook will promote the product on the pages which are already famous but will charge some amount. The Facebook promotions are based on a number of followers one wishes to have and promotion in what range of area. Depending upon that, Facebook quotes an amount which can be paid via debit card, credit card, and net banking. Once the amount is paid Facebook will immediately start posting ads in between videos or by posting it under the “sponsored” tab. The second way can be used when the business owner has some certain amount of followers. When people see that other people are interested in your products they will also start taking an interest. So after this gets done, one has to add an Impressum on a Facebook page. Because the customer will trust the business only if location, contact person and feedback helpline are available. Adding an Impressum on a Facebook page is very easy, and one can frame an impressed easily. After an Impressum is created, one has to just paste it in the Impressum section in the about tab on the page. After hitting enter, the Impressum will go live.

But as with the offline marketing, there are rules that need to be followed when a product is promoted online. The first rule is adding an Impressum in the Facebook page; an Impressum means the details of the manufacturer of the product and the location details from which the company operates. It is more or contact us and about us page for companies on their official Facebook page. An Impressum is mandatory on Facebook pages because in case if any customer gets duped, he can reach the company. Apart from that, a customer should also know who is he buying the product. Adding an Impressum builds trust between a customer and the company. A customer always gets the assurance that if he is misguided, he can always reach the company.

Why am I supposed to add Impressum in the Facebook page?

When you open any website, you will always be able to find a contact us or about us page. According to web rules, every website owner should provide contact details in case of a customer wanting to reach the company for any feedback or suggestions. The new GDPR rules specifically instruct website and page owners to add an Impressum. Not adding an Impressum on the Facebook page is violating the law and may result in punishment. Hence it is must for a business to add an Impressum in the Facebook page before promoting the product.

How to add Impressum in the Facebook page?

Adding an Impressum to your Facebook page is very easy. It is just a matter of a few minutes, and the best thing is you can see it published in less than a second. As soon as the details are saved, and the page is refreshed the Impressum will get added.

Summary: The Impressum proves helpful to the business as well as the service or product seekers. Hence among the users as well as page owners, it is not merely a requirement to add the same but also an added advantage.