Mapquest Driving Directions – Find Route in Busy Traffic Easily

Mapquest is an American based mapping online web service which caters to the usage of street-level projections and details. It has a user-friendly interface with the help of which even an amateur user can get real-time driving directions. It is present in a considerable number of countries. The users can check whether their country is available in Mapquest using a drop down menu. One of the quintessential features of this mapping online service lies in the fact that it offers a free mobile app for Android and iOS users. Every day, Mapquest generates around 5 million maps along with 6 million sets of driving directions. It has its cartography data that are being developed for digital mapping companies. It also caters to print publications.

Mapquest features the revolutionary satellite and standard street map views. This implies that with Mapquest, you can toggle between satellite and map views by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of any map. You can also zoom out and zoom in, though the levels of satellite images vary as per the location. The user can also label areas by using geographical map markers. This makes sure that the user can use it for future use. The live traffic conditions that are available in this online mapping service ensures they can get real-time traffic updates.

How to Use MapQuest for Driving Directions?


Mapquest has added a new feature known as “Send to the cell.” It enables the user to receive directions on a mobile phone even if the user does not have the official Android app. Here are the steps through which one can get driving directions in Mapquest.

Step 1:

  • Firstly,type on your cell phone’s browser window. It helps you to go to the site’s homepage.
  • You can select as per your need. Either use it for driving directions or find the best route for a map of a particular location.

Step 2:

  • If you want a map, then click on Find Places.
  • If you want to get directions, click on Get Directions.

Step 3:

  • If you have selected the option “get directions,” then fill the starting location in the dialogue box named as Starting position.
  • Enter your destination or the ending location in the dialogue box named as Ending Location.
  • Choose the option named as Routing Options in the lower right-hand corner. This option is present inside the Directions dialogue box. It helps you to get the route that suits your travel time. In this manner, Mapquest projects more practicality. This feature also helps you to avoid closed roads or streets with heavy traffic.
  • Scroll down to get directions.
  • You can either print them, or you can send them to your cell phone. Click on the send to cell option which is located right above the direction list.

You can also customize your trip. You can also select to omit the information so that it can help you with reverse directions. You can also add a new destination which is usually entered on the map page. Apart from these interactive facilities, this online mapping service also helps the user to add labels to their stops. This ensures that the user can compare gas prices at various places, thereby helping them to save fuel.

Creating an Interactive Map with MapQuest:

Once you have selected your preferred commuting route, click on Get Directions. Mapquest would retrieve a plan for you. You can also edit the map by dragging the route line with the cursor. A user can also use interactive features like find lodging, restaurants, etc. There is an option present in Mapquest known as View Route Directions to see a turn-by-turn route. At this juncture, you would find various links that are present above the directions tab. One of the most exhilarating features that make Mapquest standout among others is that you can print your directions. It also provides you with a code that can be embedded on the website.

Why Should you Print your Directions?

It is vital to note that cellphone and satellite services continue to expand across the globe. However, there are some places where you can encounter a cellphone tower connectivity problem. This is where the print directions option of Mapquest would be your ideal savior. Moreover, if you have a hard copy of your directions in a ready format, it helps you to be in a perfect state of mind before the trip.

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The Other Ways to Use MapQuest:

Are you in need of more maps and interactive features? MapQuest have you covered in every location.

  • MapQuest Airport Maps: It is a useful feature that assists you to plan your drive to and from the airport. It also aids you in monitoring local airports and double check the directions.
  • MapQuest World Maps:This feature helps you to navigate through the streets of Great Britain.
  • MapQuest Gas prices: If you are in dire need of fuel and want to fill up your car’s tank, MapQuest has you covered. With this feature, you can check the highest and lowest prices of your gas usage. There are filter options with the assistance of which you can see your preferred gas prices in a particular location.
  • Switch Languages easily:A user can easily switch the language of the map with the help of the drop down menu located at the top of the page. When you have selected your preferred language, the icon of a little flag appears.

Getting from point A to point B doesn’t have to frustrate, thanks to MapQuest. It offers detailed driving and commuting directions. Moreover, the audible directions option of MapQuest makes life easy of a motorist on a busy road. Interestingly, MapQuest also comes with the print directions option which helps you to navigate even when your phone has lost satellite and cell phone network. MapQuest is an ideal companion of yours in a trip as it also features filters which depict information for cars, buses, and commuters. The POI data of MapQuest helps the users to find their way in busy traffic easily.