500+ Best Cool Funny WiFi Names For Router Network SSID

Humour is one of the best way of getting close to one another. A good laugh and a cheerful attitude is the best way to keep you from getting caught up in the dark side of life. If you have moved to a new neighborhood and want to quickly make acquaintances with those around you, the bet way you can do so is with the help of your WiFi name. Even if people do not see your face on a daily basis, they will surely come across your WiFi name and if it is funny and witty, not only will it bring a smile to their face but also make you seem more likeable by those around you. Because of the strong association of humour with happiness, funny things usually have a bigger influence on the mind of people. It is hard to forget something funny and witty that you come across because it has a long lasting effect. If you want to be on the good books of your neighbours and gain a good name amongst them, it will surely be resourceful.

Here is a list of funny and witty WiFi names that you can surely use to win the favours of those around:


  1. Loading…..
  2. Searching…..
  3. The Goof Next Door
  4. The Funny One
  5. Test WiFi Only
  6. The Life in the Fast LAN
  7. Syncing in Progress
  8. No Stealer of WiFi Zone
  9. 404 Error: No WiFi Available
  10. Hi, It’s Me
  11. Internet Here, Wassup!
  12. Virus on This WiFi
  13. Martin Router King Here
  14. Wi the Science Fi
  15. Only You Can Wi Fly
  16. Tell Me Wi You Love Fly
  17. The Before Time LAN
  18. Winter Is Coming So Is WiFi
  19. Winternet is Here
  20. Go Off my LAN
  21. This LAN is MY FI
  22. FBI Surveillance LAN
  23. Never Gonna Leave You
  24. This is No WiFi
  25. VIRUS found
  26. Call Me For WiFi
  27. Yell My Name For WiFi
  28. The Password is My Favourite Color
  29. Not a Free WiFi Zone
  30. Dora the WiFi Explorer
  31. Only Cuties Get My Password
  32. My Interest Only
  33. My GodDamn Internet
  34. Not Yours if You Ain’t Paying
  35. The Promised LAN
  36. Promise My WiFi Love Her
  37. Drop The Mic Like Hotspot
  38. Warm Bam LAN
  39. Kids Get Off My LAN
  40. Get Your Own Internet
  41. The Internet is Mine
  42. No WiFi For You
  43. Turn Down The Music
  44. Stop The Noise
  45. Put on Your Headphones
  46. Am Calling the Police
  47. The LANister Is Here
  48. LANister Here
  49. Winter: Brought To You by LANister
  50. Thy Get Off My Internet
  51. Let’s Wi-Fight it Our
  52. We Don’t Wi-Fight
  53. IP You P We All P
  54. Let’s Bandwidth Together
  55. No LAN for Thy Neighbours
  56. Router Rangers : Assemble
  57. IP Hard and Steady
  58. Slow WiFi Here
  59. Wi- Fight, Make Love
  60. Knock on My Door for WiFi
  61. Click Here For WiFi
  62. WiFi and Me: Best Love Story
  63. Come Join the Bandwidth
  64. Thank You, Next
  65. Titanic Now Syncing
  66. Not the WiFi you Want
  67. WiFi Not Meant to Be
  68. Let Me Go
  69. Dancing on The Winter WonderLan
  70. No Access to Internet
  71. Virus Detected
  72. Untrusted WiFi, Disable Now
  73. Not WiFi for Sure
  74. Am a Free Bird
  75. Connected, Secured
  76. What’s the Password?
  77. Stop The Music
  78. Party on Friday
  79. Byte My Ass
  80. Whose Router is This?
  81. Protect Your WiFi
  82. Stealing is Sinful not Sensual
  83. You Will Never Know My Password
  84. LAN Out Loud
  85. Buffering Is My Middle Name
  86. I Buffer So Hard Man
  87. Wireless Only
  88. Guess The Password
  89. Come Chat for The Password
  90. Go Away From Me
  91. Am Letting You Go
  92. We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together
  93. The Last LAN
  94. Call Me Cute to Unleash Internet
  96. Am Doing Wi-Fine
  97. Wi You Not Fine
  98. Am Going Now
  99. Struggling to Exist
  100. This One Not Free
  101. Tell Me You Love Me
  102. Will You Marry Me?
  103. Let’s Share More Than Just WiFi Password
  104. Now You See Me Too
  105. Life on the LAN
  106. You Think Am Crazy?
  107. Scooby Dooby Doo, Where Are You?
  108. Great Friendships Lead to Great WiFi
  109. Enter Secret Code
  110. Keep Downloading
  111. Abra Cadabra
  112. This Net us SLOWWWWWW
  113. WiFi When You Can Wi Fry
  114. Welcome To my LAN
  115. Peep peep, Get off My LAN
  116. This is MY LAN
  117. Living Life on the Wire
  118. Where Do We Live?
  119. Come Visit Us!
  120. Lonely Rando Here
  121. Hello, It’s Me!
  122. Safe Radiations Only
  123. Am Gonna Hack You
  124. Hackers Den
  125. Stay Away
  126. Wi-Fight the Love
  127. IamTernet
  128. Bye Bye Net Neutrality
  129. Am Your Daily Bread
  130. Go Open the Books
  131. Printer Accessible Only
  132. This Ain’t Your WiFi
  133. FBI Channel 90871
  134. Witness Protection Van
  135. Surveillance Van
  136. Get Your Own WiFi
  137. Click and Face the Wrath of ME
  138. Let’s Not Fight
  139. My Password is My Favorite Actor
  140. Tell Me Your Password First
  141. You Can Never Guess
  142. Very Slow WiFi
  143. I Will Find You Soon
  144. Pay My Bills Now
  145. Activate With Cash
  146. Connection Failed
  147. No WiFi Here
  148. Fifth Floor WiFi
  149. Reserved WiFi
  150. Pay for Every Hour
  151. I Will Find You And Take My Money
  152. Not Your Daddy’s WiFi
  153. Please Wait…
  154. Happy WiFi Home
  155. Not a Free LAN
  156. House LANnister in the House
  157. The LANnisters Here
  158. Nobody Gets My Password
  159. The Mad Ping of the North
  160. The Lord of The Pings
  161. House of WiFi
  162. One WiFi Over Them All
  163. WiFi, I Choose You
  164. Many many years ago…
  165. Without Further Ado
  166. The Force
  167. Et tu, WiFi?
  168. What’s she SSID?
  169. Am Just SSID
  170. World Wide Web sponsored by Peter Parker
  171. All this Web and Yet No Spiderman?
  172. Wobbly Timely WiFi
  173. Find Someone Else
  174. Am Breaking Up With You
  175. Just Leave Me Alone
  176. For Squibs Only
  177. Hogwarts Castle of WiFi
  178. Common Room WiFi Here
  179. rIP Hedwig
  180. Connecto WiFi-nium
  181. Accio WiFi
  182. Floo Network Here
  183. Lumos Internet
  184. May the Wi-Force Always be With You
  185. The Stark Headquarters
  186. Avengers HQ
  187. Not a Witch, Just Your WiFi
  188. The Password is Password
  189. You Wish!
  190. My Maiden Name
  191. Spread the WI-FI
  192. You Click, You Pay
  193. Full Bars Only
  194. Cup of Sugar, Please
  195. Pretty, please?
  196. You Wish!
  197. Try Me Now
  198. Test WiFi, Not For Use
  199. I Can See You
  200. Connected Automatically
  201. Missed Connection Here
  202. Wi You Fired
  203. You are Wi-Fired
  204. Holla, Virus!
  205. Get To Know Me First
  206. Password Changes
  207. Pay My Bills, Will You?
  208. Get Some Get Some
  209. Got Sugar?
  210. No WiFi For You
  211. This Ain’t Public
  212. To WiFi or not to WiFi
  213. We’re Breaking Up Boo
  214. Bathroom Cam 1
  215. My Brave Little Router
  216. Sex Positive
  217. I Will Find You
  218. Capture the LAN
  219. You Think You Got Me?
  220. Spider LAN
  221. Ant LAN
  222. This Ain’t Free Either
  223. Am Trapped in the Router
  224. Don’t Even Try Mister
  225. Am Not Your Sugar Daddy
  226. Tell Your Daddy to Get You Internet
  227. I Do Not Have Internet For You
  228. We’re Not There Yet
  229. Check for Monsters
  230. Mom Is Watching
  231. WiFi is all Around
  232. Wi-Fight me?
  233. Revenge of The WiFi
  234. Am The Good Guy
  235. The Seven Dwarfs Router
  236. The Castle of The Rich
  237. Haunted House
  238. Haunted WiFi
  239. Cinderella’s Castle
  240. The WiFi Soldier Is Here
  241. No Strings Attached
  242. The Infinity Stones
  243. Straight From Asgard
  244. Go Home Now
  245. Not For Public Use
  246. Very Dangerous Channel
  247. Your Daddy Will Know
  248. WiFiBranium
  249. Thor’s Hammer
  250. Bye bye

So there you have it. The coolest and the funniest names for a WiFi router are all yours now! All you have to do is change your WiFi name and in no time will you be the talk of the town!