Essential precision CNC machining Smartphone Apps

Can Precision CNC Machining work remotely? Yes, it can! The precision manufacturing process that enjoys from the aid of a computer, can surely work remotely. Computer Numerical Control is in fact the coded sequence that a computer sends to a machine tool to execute several manufacturing tasks. Before sending the code, a software or program must be loaded on the same computer. After that, the controller can start the process. He can start the process through a computer, but also through another kind of device, such as Smartphone or tablet. However, the operational software must be perfectly programmed and loaded to work properly. Hence, to avoid severe mechanical and technical l issues, digital engineers developed precision Cnc machining apps for Smartphone. The control of precision CNC machining through Apps has the advantage to speed the process up and avoid the waste of time. What are, hence, the essential precision CNC machining Smartphone apps? We listed some of them here.

There are free Apps and paid Apps. The most reliable solution is always the one to try the free trial of the app and then pay money to have the complete digital tool.

Among the essential precision cnc machining apps for Android, there is Drilling and Tapping Calculator. This app is developed to support machinists, engineers and programmers who work with drilling, tapping and reaming machine tools. The functions of the software include machining calculations, hole size for drill and tapping, selection for reaming, ISO bore/shaft tolerances and cost calculations. You can download this App from Google Play.

Another app is CNC XC free. This app calculates the coordinates for holes, for parallel planes, for wrench and for the polygon. You can boost the creativity of your prototypes through this app. Unfortunately, CNC XC free is not tested on real machines, yet. You can always download the app from Google Play.

Rays CNC codes is instead an app containing an interesting course to learn more about the wonderful world of precision CNC machining. The app contains all of the essential process codes to work with CNC machines and become a specialist. You’ll learn about the G codes and the X codes, the H codes and the M codes, with pictures and diagrams, to simplify your work with precision CNC machines.

CNC+ tools is an application to calculate data about cutting, milling, turning and drilling. It also contains all of the features of CNC tools, with more functions, such as:

  1. Engrave, for Output plus Origin adjustable plus Char spacing adjustable plus Rotation.
  2. Sink (Infeed), to calculate the sinking of the parameters angle, diameter and center.
  3. Triangle, to calculate a triangle with 3 well-known values.

All of the above mentioned functions also have a graphic preview. The screen of the application is optimized for Smartphone.

Anyway, one of the best CNC applications is Autodesk 360. That is the official mobile App of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 360 is a free DWG application to use drafting tools that allow you to create, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings through web and mobile devices. That is a paid App that you can download from Apple store and Google Play.