Guide about Installation, Equipment, Data Caps and Contract of Xfinity Internet

Are you residing in the United States? Do you want a cheaper and fastest internet subscription? Then you can prefer the Xfinity internet services. Xfinity Internet is one of the most reliable internet service providers in the U.S. Xfinity Internet prices offers the fastest internet speed to its customers at a competitive price. Xfinity offers users up to 1200 Mbps of download speed, but it depends upon the plan you are subscribing to. Another amazing thing users can enjoy after subscribing to any plan of Xfinity internet is that they can easily get connected with over 20 million secure Xfinitywifi hotspots available at different locations across the nation. Furthermore, users would also get an Xfinity Flex 4K streaming box free of cost with their internet subscription, and this would enable you to watch your favorite shows on this TV with ease.

Thus, without any further thinking, you should get your subscription to Xfinity internet plans. Another thing that makes Xfinity internet prices stand out from the rest is that others have data caps and other limitations, whereas Xfinity does not have them. Its installation is a seamless procedure. To help you know more in detail about the other information of Xfinity internet plans and its installation, data caps, contract, etc. Then below, more information about the installation, data cap, etc., are discussed.

  • Installation

While installing the Xfinity internet at home, the users have to pay a one-time fee of $40 if users want that the professionals of Xfinity visit their home and install and set up the internet. However, another option for the users is that if they opt for self-installation using the Getting Started kit provided by Xfinity internet and set up the internet themselves without any professional help, they can do it free of cost without paying any money.

  • xFi Gateway

By subscribing to the services of the Xfinity internet, users will also get the xFiwifi device with the subscription. This wifi device comes with numerous amazing features like app-controlled device management, free internet security. However, to use it, users will have to pay an additional price of $14.00 per month along with the bill. Similarly, if users require more elite wifi services comprising wifi extenders, they have to pay an extra equipment fee of $25 per month in their bill. Similarly, another amazing fact is that if the users have a device compatible with Xfinity internet, they do not have to use Xfinity’s equipment. But by using this option, Xfinity may not provide much tech support to the users.

  • Customizable Term Agreement

By subscribing to any Xfinity internet plans, Xfinity offers users a customizable term agreement that comprises no agreement or one-year agreement. But in some places, if the users opt for no agreement, then the introductory price of the plan may increase by $10. But if the users are opting for the gigabit internet plan, then users have to sign a compulsory two-year agreement plan. Moreover, if users do not want to sign any contract, they can also opt to subscribe to the Xfinity prepaid internet service.

  • No Data Cap

The major factor that makes Xfinity internet stand out from the rest of the internet service providers is that Xfinity does not have any data cap. Xfinity has a data cap of 1.2 TB per month. Still, this limit tends to be way more sufficient for a household as even if all the family members use the internet all day and download large files, movies, games, etc., they will not be able to exhaust this limit in a month. Similarly, if users want, they also can add the unlimited package to their plan, which will not have any data cap of 1.2 TB per month. But for this, users have to pay $ 30 more per month.

Thus, above, we have mentioned in detail some information you need to know before subscribing to Xfinity internet plans. You should subscribe with affordable Xfinity internet prices to enjoy unlimited and fastest internet speed at an affordable price. And this information will help you to make your decision faster.