DTE Maharashtra Engineering Admissions Procedure

Directorate of Technical Education is a governing body in the State of Maharashtra (DTE Maharashtra), who maintains, enhances, improves and empowers the quality of technical education in the state. They also help in guiding and supervising both State and private institutions. Engineering is one of the most demanding and promising courses in the current market scenario, uplifting the career benchmark forall students.

Highly demanding course with limited supply makes the competition fierce creating a vortex attracting the best of lot. Yet, it is very important to maintain a proper selection process so that we can avoid any injustice. This is where the DTE Maharashtra comes in aiding the process of selection.

Entrance Exam

The admission process commences with the MAH-CET entrance examination. On a specific time every year, the DTE organizes a centralized admission process based on the MAH-CET (Maharashtra CET) exam. The latest statistics as of 2016, the student appearing in the exam were more than 4 lakhs. The available seats were just around 38% that is 1.5lakhs. The entrance exam comprises of three subjects that is mathematics, physics and chemistry, and total score is 200. The ranking is based on the score obtained by the candidate. The rank is obtained in two categories- overall state rank and university rank.

The All India entrance examination score is also considered during the process of admission. But these scores are applicable only to a limited number of seats set by DTE for the individual institutes which is around 15% of the total seats of the respective institutes.

Application to Institutes

The applicant has to fill up the application form providing their choice on branch and institute as per their personal priority. One applicant can provide a choice up to 45 institutes and branches.


Once the applications are received, merit list is released by DTE Maharashtra providing the list of applicant being selected. The process also houses a provision for waiting lists which gets recalibrated and reassigned in case of vacancy. Over the period it has been seen, the waiting lists are released twice that helps in filtering further and invigorate the selection process.

Once the selection is done, the applicant has to visit the selected institute and complete the admission process as defined by the institute. In case, someone fails to attend the process, the seat is vacated and an applicant from the waiting list will have the opportunity to apply for it.

Process of Selection

  • The seats are reserved based on 70% for home university, 15% of all India and remaining for outside university.
  • Home university is basically the university under which the applicant has completed their higher secondary examination.
  • The selection procedure is primarily based on merit list that is prepared for the students applying to the institute.
  • 70 % of the total seats are allotted to the home university applicant based on their merit and their priority.
  • The remaining is based on the merit from all India score and the outside home university score.

DTE maintains transparency in its selection procedure and any applicant violating the norms can be hindered from applying for an institute. Hence it is of utmost importance for an applicant to fill the forms cautiously.