Best Windows 8 Start Buttons

Windows 8 has been following the up curve in terms of users’ count since its launch. The Windows 8, as you all know, is the latest operating system by Microsoft. It boasts tremendous features. One thing that is noted in Windows 8 that it is totally different from all previous version of Windows. Windows 8 is highly optimized for touch screen monitors so as to please the users who love to perform all tasks with the fingers.

This one is major change as users of previous versions of Windows used to please Start menu a lot. It’s quite surprising that the maker has not given any place to Start button.

Many users have been put into the boredom and sadness’ clouds due to this big change done by Microsoft in Windows 8. It seems that this change is neither accepted by Start menu fans and developers. This is the reason why we can see many best Windows 8 Start buttons. Choosing the one out of the huge list of Windows 8 Start buttons is not an easy task. Therefore, to ease your work, I am here with the list of best Windows 8 Start buttons. Check out the list below.


Everyone loves the free stuff but with the best quality. This is what Pokki delivers. This Start menu and button undoubtedly deserves to shine at the first spot in this list of best Windows 8 Start buttons. The Start button that the Pokki brings make your work easy. You start loving using your Windows 8. Though the default look of this button is quite good, but if you don’t like it, then you can customize it anytime you want to.


The second in this list of best Windows 8 Start buttons, is the StartW8. This is all well-renowned name when it comes about Start buttons for Windows 8. StartW8 brings the different styled Start button in your Windows. But the Start menu that you get is similar to that of Windows7. This Start button is quite simple and comes with least customization as compared to the one listed above. Though the customization options that you get in this one of the best Windows 8 Start buttons are less, but as its default look is quite good, so you most probably will not feel the need of customizing it.


Yet another Start button for Windows 8. With its Windows 7 kinda look, this Start button and menu has been admired by many users, and therefore grabs the position in this list of best Windows 8 Start buttons. This one is recommended for all those out of you who are looking to get the Windows 7-like Start button and menu on their Windows 8. Bingo! Like the ones listed above, this one is free, too! A complete win win situation indeed!