Which Version Of Windows Is Good For Modern Computers?

Most of the people use Windows operating system on their computers; I agree with the fact that Windows is having a lot of bugs and security loopholes. However, every version has some great features and difference than the previous one. I’ve seen a lot of people asking which version of windows is best on social media sites, and also the number of searches regarding the same is in millions. To help people in choosing the best one, we’ve decided to write an article on Which Version Of Windows Is Good For Modern Computers? I will be mentioning some important points which you shouldn’t be skipping, so read the entire article.

In Looks and Design:

In looks and design, I would prefer windows ten because of its smooth interface which is so satisfying. Microsoft’s new edge browser sums it up and makes it as the most beautiful one ( or at least for me).  The number of people using Edge browser is very less though because it doesn’t work the way it should. I would go with Windows 10 rather than Windows 8 or 7 when it comes to design and interface. Windows 10 is the lightest OS ever from microsoft, which means even a low spec computer is enough to run windows 10.

In Performance

When it comes to performance and stability, definitely Windows 7 is the winner here. Windows 7 is perfectly designed to give the best out of your Pc’s specs. The reason why I didn;t choose windows 10 or windows 8 is because at certain times they just start lagging which I really don’t like at all. If you have a low spec PC, then compromise with looks and design, just go with Windows 7. And even Windows XP is almost equivalent to Windows 10.

Windows 10 has the very great potential to say, but Microsoft should optimize it in a proper sense which I don’t feel is going to happen, As of now, Windows 10 is not good as Windows 7 in stability and performance. For gaming also, Windows 7 works best when compared to windows 10. (Keep in mind, playing pirated games on Windows 10 is going to end soon).

In Security And Privacy

Compromising with security and privacy is not a good idea at all, in fact, it could be the dumbest decision ever. Windows 7 is good (not best) when compared to other versions of windows. Windows 10 security system pissed off so many people, If you’re using Windows 10, then don’t be surprised to know that Microsoft is monitoring you.

Go with Windows 7 or even XP( pretty outdated though) but not with Windows 10.


If Microsoft doesn’t find a way to patch all the bugs and security issues, then people might ditch Windows and may start using Linux, Ubuntu or even Mac. Overall, Windows 7 is the one which I recommend if you play games or do heavy stuff like editing or rendering, etc. For casual use like internet browsing, video playback, etc. windows ten is enough. So that’s it for this article, hope you liked the article.