App For Business That Tracks Text Information

In the corporate sector, the use of tracking software is nothing new. Businesses keep looking for better monitoring solutions to enhance the individual productivity of employees. No doubt, the technology has made the life easier. Anything can be done within seconds. But at the same time, technology can affect the performance of employees.

Your employee may waste time on scrolling through Facebook statuses instead of checking the order emails. In this situation, you desperately need a tracking software. And that’s where HoverWatch saves the day!

HoverWatch – Ideal Business Monitoring App

As the name implies, HoverWatch is a monitoring app with advanced tracking perks. Unlike other options, this application is a one stop solution for your tracking issues. Your target device may be running on the different platform. Don’t you worry, if you are using HoverWatch. It supports all popular operating systems like Android, Mac OS, and Windows. This way, HoverWatch is the best spy text app for multiple platforms.

We are not done yet! Let’s check out its charms in details:

Key Benefits Of HoverWatch

Text Messages & Call Recording

With the help of HoverWatch, you can monitor and record all outgoing & incoming calls. You can also have access to sent or received messages. Furthermore, you can download the photos shared via text messages. You can experience its performance live at

Stealth Mode

Unlike other tracking softwares, this act as hidden spying application. Even your tech savvy kids cannot notice the change. You can collect the date discreetly in a way you want.


You can have precise insights about the location of the phone user. This app collects the data using the nearby Wi-Fi signals or cell towers.

Facebook & WhatsApp Tracking

Facebook and WhatsApp are the most popular messengers. People mostly share images and videos on these platforms. HoverWatch will give your access to incoming and outgoing messages on the target device. And the best part, using the dashboard, you can save all the shared files including photos, audio files or videos.

Front Camera Shooting

Front camera snapping is the original tracking feature of HoverWatch. As soon the target device gets unlocked, the front camera will capture the photo automatically.

SIM Card Replacement Notification

HoverWatch’s performance does not depends upon SIM card. It works perfectly even without the SIM card. Although tracking has nothing to do with SIM, if the user replaces the SIM card, you will get the notification on your dashboard.

Tracking Of Internet History

Using the HoverWatch, you get the internet history of target device easily. This way, you can refrain your kids or employees wasting time on unproductive websites.

Why Should You Prefer HoverWatch?

HoverWatch is an ultimate spying application for the obvious reason. Its tracking features are not limited to SMS only. It lets you download images or audio files shared via Facebook or WhatsApp chats. Even though the user has deleted the call history, you can still get it on HoverWatch’s Dashboard. You can track the location of phone’s user using the nearby Wi-Fi signals anywhere, anytime.

And you can perform all these features without getting noticed! Thumbs up for HoverWatch!