Essential Home Automation Smartphone App-and how it works

Nowadays homes are getting filled up with a number of electronic gadgets. In this era there is a new launch in the electronics market every day, it is hard to handle all these gadgets on a daily basis. But then again poor maintenance or lapse in care may result in mishaps and calamities. Therefore an automation system is absolutely essential in this case.

Home Automation Smartphone App

What is Home Automation all about?

Homes have become ‘smart’ of late and that requires a smart way to handle it as well. With the help of a home automation app in your smart phone you could easily unify the controls of all your machines inside the home. Imagine having to always switch on or off the TV, fan, AC, gas, microwave, central heating etc. Tiring isn’t it? Now imagine the controls of all these appliances and more at the palm of your hand. You can just click on your smart phone and get things done in a jiffy.

What all does Home Automation App entail?

The App entails everything under the sun. It can unify almost everything into the App that will act as the home’s brain. From switches to the thermostat to doors and sound systems to appliances – everything can be controlled by the App and the current status of the home being visible in the phone at all times and it works even when you are not a home! This is probably the best part of the App.

You can aerate the rooms by switching on the fans for a while even while you are away so that there is no musty smell greeting you when you are back. Suppose you had to leave for an urgent work tour in a hurry, and you have a variety of food in the fridge. So what you can do is switch on the fridge for a few hours daily without the fear of any fire or calamity breaking out.

What are the choices?

There is a variety of smart phone apps in this regard. Some help you monitor the energy being spent by the appliances in a day and will also help you to plan and manage that. Some of the Apps will also help you schedule notifications and alerts. It will also keep you notified on the home’s health. To top these off there are some self-learning Apps that observes your home for a while and then picks up your favorite temperature and timings and programs itself accordingly.

The year 2015 saw a rise in such Apps and gadgets and 2016 shows promise in more such advancements. Further improvements may entail that the App having speech recognition so that you can give commands while you are driving the car. This means that mankind is moving towards a truly electronically automated age as shown in sci-fi movies and depicted in fantasy books of yester years.

Other Perks

Other perks in this App include the lights to come on automatically. Depending upon the proximity of the inhabitant from the home, the App can prepare the house for your arrival by switching on the favorable appliances like the AC/thermostat, lights etc. to your favorite setting. The App works on the WiFi and is connected to all the appliances. Different climates can be set into the App in the form of Mode1, Mode 2 etc. and time can be saved by choosing whichever mode.

Even the sprinklers and the security system can be added into it. Climate control in this regard can be a lot of fun as you play around with the lights. Some of the gadgets also come with special lights that provide a variety of colors which can transform your home from a summer siesta room to a romantic dinner setting to a disco at the touch of a button.

Final Say

This is a great solution to keep the home climate under control. This will save time as well as energy while saving on the electricity bill as well. Needless to say this does make life easier. Hundreds of home have already installed it and their feedback has been every positive so far. It is easy on the pocket and of course a must have for the 21st century smart home.