Adaptive Learning-Future of Education

The phase of education is slowly experiencing a tremendous change because of adoption of technology. Now an addition to this is “Adaptive Learning,” where many educators have witnessed the benefits of technology in classrooms. There has been a significant impact on students.

All students do not learn the same way, and this is a known fact. One cannot expect all children to learn at the same speed. More importantly, students grasp things better when there is a face to face interaction with the teachers. It’s been difficult to achieve due to increasing class size. It becomes a burden to handle single handed. So many schools are opting for adaptive technologies.

The Adaptive learning would create a pathway in eradicating the obstacle that most educators are facing. It is a method of teaching that can improve educational outcomes. It is learning through interactive training devices. Students become an active participant when they fully utilized this technology. It is a platform that customizes subject materials, delivers estimation learning and making using data mining to fetch development and explanation concept for each student.

Effect of Adaptive Learning

It provides students with personal space for learning. With a custom-made curriculum, it is easy to identify their weak and strong spots. Suppose if a student finds difficulty in understanding the concepts clearly and if the child seems to be struggling when the computer determines it, the program adopts itself and aids the student in learning and revising the other concepts well. It was just refreshing one’s memory.

It helps to boost one’s confidence level. The concepts will be understood clear cut before heading towards the concept with a high difficulty level. For instance, an adaptive learning program developed by Newton as created a path to work with several companies to turn traditional textbook curriculum to more exciting, interactive and adaptive learning.

Integral change in education due to technology

As mentioned earlier adaptive learning provides easy access to students with more individualized tutoring adding to the greater success. The vital reason that sets adaptive learning from a modern day learning technologies is that it provides an analytic report on student history records providing an opportunity to make changes depending on the ability of a child.

Defensively, Adaptive learning is an important access to the betterment of the education. It is well suited for distance learning. It has a greater impact on higher education. In Spite of all these facts it cannot replace the need for an instructor and a classroom but undoubtedly it simplifies learning, and it is a better accompaniment to classroom learning.

It mainly concentrates on mastering subject material. There always been a misunderstanding between computer-based education systems and online that it would lead to less interaction between tutor and students.

The fact is that it’s the opposite. Application learning platform saves classroom time thus providing sufficient time to teachers to engage students directly. Adaptive learning will change the way the tutors teach. Attention can be paid individually. All we have to do is just to wait and see how they are incorporated in schools.

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