What does the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offer?

The Samsung smartphones have nearly led the charge in smartphone advancement for a better half of the last decade and deservedly so. With smartphones getting ridiculously large and rendering tablet devices irrelevant and redundant, “phablets’ are the new niche devices of the handheld enthusiasts.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Giving off a hardy vibe with its tough physical appearance that is rounded off by the metal rim that surrounds the perimeter of the phone. Wearing a rough texture and a curved edge that is bound to come in handy should the device fall prey to gravity, Samsung has fired off against its number one rival Apple’s iphone in a grandiose and almight fashion. Stepping up with a rough exterior and smooth rear, comfortably over Apple’s sleek iPhone that always makes it so prone to slipping out of grip, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also comes with an elongated and dotted body stylus that is foremost of all easy to grip like a pencil.

The display features a 1080×1920 resolution screen which is the very same as the predecessor but thanks to the improved density of the pixels the display is much sharper in the latter. Boosted by a Snapdragon 808 SoC that runs alongside a dual core processor 2.7 GhZ and 3 GB of RAM, the Galaxy note 4 is built to nearly handle any task that you can conjure for a phablet.

Where the Galaxy Note 4 further wins over the iPhone 6 is the storage capacity which is a whopping 128 GB external capacity and an internal capacity of another 32 GB. With Samsung upping the ante on the UI front too the Android 4.4.4 is a win at 61500 INR.