How To Get/Download Free Games On iPhone/iPad, (iOS Devices)

Congratulation for your new iPhones!!! After such a long wait, it is an unlimited happiness that came over you.

Well, I was very happy when I got my first iPhone. Literally, I was confused about what to do with it. Being a game lover, I clicked on the app store and started looking for the millions of games.

Are you a game lover too? Then what are you waiting for? Start our iPhone and get some interesting games that you would love to play. The app store of the iPhone has many such options which can entirely change the device. Form a simple iPhone it can be into the device of best games. Can you call it a portable gaming console? Well, I think that’s the perfect term.

But how you can do it simply? Yes, today in this article I would be helping you to start the gaming experience. It would be fun and exciting.

How to Download Free Games on iPhone/iPad, iOS Devices:

As you are a beginner who is using the iPhone for the first time, therefore we have described it in the stepwise guide.

Games on iPhone Download

We will first help you to launch the app store. Constantly the app store is changing on. The present version is the iOS 11. But the functionalities are the same in any of the version. Here it goes:

  • First, you have to launch the app store.
  • If you are unable to see the minimized icons, tap the magnifying glass and then types on the search bar. Click on the search button.
  • The icon will be shown to you and you can go to it.
  • Now you can visit the app and can do anything at this place. Type anything in the search bar and get it just within seconds.

Well, now we will be coming to the other part.

In this part, I will help you in download function of the games from the app stores.

The successful search of the games

So don’t waste your time, just start the search and get what you want to have.

  • Click on the game which you want to purchase or download.
  • Many of the games are free. If it is free then just click on the get. You will get the game.
  • If the game is having a paid version, then click on the payment option.

(In case your touch is not activated, then touch the home button and this would enable the touch ID)

  • So it’s simple and easy one to get the games.

Now the apps are on the ongoing updates. But it is not updated on the iPhone after it is being downloaded. In that case, you have to do it yourself.

How to do the updates manually?

For the updates of the apps, follow these steps:

  • You have to go to the app store
  • There you will find the updates button by the side of the app that you want to update.
  • Click on the update button and it would be updated conveniently.

So it’s not at all a tough task to handle. Proper and timely updates can help you get all the new features which are added to the games. Thus you can enjoy playing the new games too.

How the search can be done in the most convenient way

Well if you are still at a doubt how to search the game in the app store, I am here!!!

The games are being divided into different categories. So it is very easy to find them and download it accordingly. If you are looking for top paid games, they are being categorized differently. If you are looking for top free games, they are also listed. Even the newest and latest launched games are also shown under different categories.

Even a beginner would be able to find them with no hardship. Only remember do the search by the category and you can get whatever you want. He category options are on the top left corner of the page. Just go there and choose the one you require.

How to download a game on the older version of the iOS

Now if you are having an older version of the iOS, then also we can help you.

  • After a successful search of the game that you want, tap on it.
  • If the game is free, directly tap on getting and get it.
  • If the game is paid one, tap on the price of the app. Then automatically it would lead to the page where you can buy it.
  • After buying the game, install it on your device. If it’s free, directly go to the installation.
  • A password is essential. So put your password. Enable the Touch ID as you get the prompt.
  • Let the download be finished.
  • At last go to the home button to go back to the home, after the downloading is completed.

So it is a very simple process which anyone can get acquainted with. So never get disheartened if you are not getting it on the first chance.

Automatic updates can be done

There is also the option of doing the download automatically and taking the updates.

So for that go to the settings, open the iTunes and app store. There you will find the automatic download option. Click on the updates and switch it on. Thus automatically the update of the game would be taken. You don’t have to do it again and again. This it is the best way to get the updates of the game. Even it can get the updates done on the everyday basis. You don’t have to go on and do it.

The final verdict:

So it’s all about the games downloading and installation on your new iPhone. These steps are the best option which can help you to the task. I have described each of the possible issues that one can face. So for other things you don’t have to visit any other websites.

If you are also a lover of the game, then do take all the popular games to form the app store. In case you don’t want it anymore, there are ways to disable it too. So hopefully you will not be having any more queries. Enjoy playing now on your iPhone.