Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge: 7Unpacked event 2016

All the rumours and leaks that we are hearing from past few months are looks to true, Yes Samsung is going to release Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone on August 2 which just 1 week ahead from now. On top of that, rumours are now consistently saying the Samsung Note 7 will feature a 5.8 or 5.77 inch Super AMOLED EDGE (that’s 1440X2560 pixels) display with the signature curved screen edges seen on the Galaxy S7 edge. Unlike the Galaxy S7 series, however, this will be the sole model rather than having two variants but we still don’t know, it all depends and are in hands of Samsung. We will talk about this latter in this article.


Other leaks and rumors are point to new software update for S-Pen, a potential 500+ GB (256 GB external microSD support for sure) of storage with a microSD card, a complete redesign of the chassis, market-leading 10nm memory and a bunch more besides. The Note 7 can be on the best android high end smartphone after the priviously launched Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung will want to hit the ground running with the Galaxy Note 7, as it is the company’s last line of defence against Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 pro.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Specs

It’s going to have always-on display with QHD resolution having Adreno 530 GPU. The phone is going to run on Snapdragon 821 / Exynos 8893 which is 64bit chipset. Galaxy Note 7 will have 6GB RAM and will be available in 32GB / 64GB and 128GB storage capacity. It will have 4000 mAh battery with fast charging that will lead to fully charge your smartphone in just 40 minutes of time span.

Samsung will almost certainly try and get the Galaxy Note 7 out before the release of the iPhone 7 as if they take more time, then for good no reason they are going to loose few % of customers. However Apple has not announced anything about iPhone 7 and we are still hoping for IFA 2016 to get anything about it. Now, its time of Galaxy Note 7 and let’s see what Samsung has for us. We are going to update you for more details of Note7 here, so stay tuned with us.