Amazons New Kindle Oasis–An advanced way of reading

Amazon kindle is the latest new book-reader available in the market. Since the launch of the first ever Kindle on Nov 2007, company is working towards making better and better. With every tweaking here and there the amazon kindle is getting is refined shape and design. With the latest new kindle we can say that the amazon is has delivered a lot of efforts in the new design of kindle oasis. This new ereader is at the top when it is compared with other readers available and the reason behind this is also very clear that the new amazon kindle oasis is the most expensive ereader available today. Many don’t know but Kindle oasis is even costlier that Kindle Voyage. This is the reason why Kindle oasis has got some criticism from the market.

Amazons New Kindle Oasis


The cost of Kindle Oasis is around $289.99 which seems really very high for just an e-reader. But if you that you love reading a lot and you cant live without it then you can go for spending this huge amount. If you are looking to buy the 3G version of it, you will have to spend around $359.99 and if you are in US then you will pay an additional charges of $20 so that you can get rid of the advertisements.


The first thing you will see while having the kindle in your hand is the different design than the previous versions of kindles. The new design of this new kindle shows us the vision of amazon for future kindles. After looking at this new kindle oasis, you will come to know that company is looking forward in making a kindle that looks similar to the sheet of paper and frankly speaking, the company will achieve this ambition for sure in the near future.

The new kindle oasis is thicker that the sheet of paper, you will get three key elements in kindle oasis as battery, screen and processing unit. All these elements are caged under a metal body and it is covered well with plastic body.

Amazon seriously trimmed down everything in order to make it slimmer. If you are looking for an e-reader that looks different from the previous versions, then we are fully confident that kindle oasis won’t disappoint you. In terms of holding it, the kindle oasis really has a great hold in hands. Try your Amazon discount coupons and save money while purchasing it.


The screen of the new kindle oasis is really awesome. The quality of the screen and display is really high and you will never have any issues reading ebooks. The earlier versions of ereaders cause stress while reading any books. But you wont find any issues like this with kindle oasis.


Its really difficult to judge the performance of an ereader. Amazon didn’t share the configuration related details yet, but what we came to know after using is it’s the fastest ereader today.


This is one of the most controversial part for Ereaders. From the device part you get 2 weeks of battery but if you connect it with the external battery given in the case, you get 6 weeks of huge battery life.