How To Increase RAM in Smartphone

The smartphone industry has lured and attracted more than 70% of the mobile market. Almost everyone is searching for a better phone that would fall within their budget. In fact, the demand for spacious phones that can store and process heavy games has increased significantly. If you are ought to buy a brand new mobile, you should be able to understand the differences in its technical stats. As potential buyers, you must be able to differentiate the figures for a wiser pick. In this short write up, you will read about the phone memory and how to upgrade your memory or how to expand ram in the right way.

Definition of RAM

By definition, RAM represents the Random Access Memory. It is a crucial component that the Smartphone. When compared against SD cards and permanent storage methods, the RAM is faster and much more efficient. The processor is designed to retrieve data from the RAM than any other means of storage. This is why data stored in the RAM gets loaded at a faster rate. Also, techies opt for phones with bigger RAM to be sure of performance. RAM storage reduces taxing on the phone’s battery and makes sure data retrieval happens smoothly.

Difference between RAM in Smartphones and Desktop Machines

RAM in Smartphones are quite different from what is found in desktop computers or laptops. Most people are acquainted sufficient amounts of information about the RAM on PC. However, the functionality of RAM in android phones is little known. Initially, applications that are downloaded would be loaded into the RAM and installed. Once this is accomplished, the programs would be executed. These applications would remain in the Random Access Memory even if they are not being used. Shifting to background processes will not remove these apps from the RAM. Hence, the next time you load an application it will be retrieved at a faster rate unless it has been cleared from the primary storage. Applications that are used continuously will find an ideal place in the RAM. However, for this the RAM has to be big enough.

Should You Boost the RAM?

So, why should you upgrade memory RAM? What would happen if the RAM is completely full? It is quite interesting to note that most users are concerned about the amount of RAM used. The Android platform is programmed to rely on the RAM. Hence, most of the apps would be stored in the RAM, with little space assigned for the interface. Luckily, users are not expected to kill applications one after the other to free RAM space. Instead, the operating system destroys apps and frees the RAM gracefully. Sometimes, killing apps haphazardly can ruin the total functionality of your mobile. This is why getting more RAM is a wiser move. With a bigger memory, more tasks can be carried out simultaneously. In fact, this is one of the finest ways by which you can perform more operations as quickly as possible. Check this to know how to increase ram in computer.

Steps to be complete before Upgrading Your RAM!

To expand the RAM in your Android Smartphone, you should perform four prerequisite tasks.

  • Firstly, check if you have the root permissions to run certain applications that can boost the RAM.
  • Finally, you should be aware of the fact that virtual RAM expansion can damage the SD card. This is why you should carry out the following processes with lots of care and concern.

How to increase ram in your smart phone?

Ram in smartphone

Ram in smartphones

Are you wondering how to convert sd card to ram? Technically, there are two different ways by which you can increase the RAM capacity of your smartphone. Each of these methods will let you boost ram and increase the performance of your gadget drastically (regardless of the android OS you use). Above all, both these methods are free. With a little bit of focus, clear knowledge about the phone settings and some technical enthusiasm, you can increase mobile ram flawlessly. And, this article will give you a kickstart on how to upgrade memory! 

Method #1: Using Roehsoft RAM Expander SWAP


Another useful program for increasing the size of your RAM would be “Roehsoft RAM Expander (SWAP)”. This is a wonderful application that allows users to create partitions in memory cards and desktop hard disks. To witness its features, here is a step by step guide on how Roehsoft RAM Expander works:

  • Initially, you should navigate to Google Play Store and search for Roehsoft RAM Expander. Once you find the app, select it and install it in your device.
  • Open the app and select add ram to android phone. This option will prompt you to decide on the amount of space you wish to increase the RAM by.

A Fool Proof Solution

Roehsoft RAM Expander has many useful features. The app will let you increase RAM up to 4 GB. It lets users free up SD card space. As a result, you can use this space as a RAM component. The fool proof solution does not have any limits on the SWAP partition. It offers detailed analysis and information about the phone memory. Hence, you will not degrade the performance of your smartphone by any chance. Above all, it is a one-step solution to increasing RAM space. 

Method #2: How to use sd card as ram?

Meanwhile, you can boost the RAM using your micro SD card too. For this, you require a microSD card that is higher than class 4. Root your gadget and connect it to a PC that runs on Windows 7 or higher. Now, get hold of a SD card compatible reader. To increase the size of your RAM, you must sectionalize the micro SD card. Partitions must be created using a mini tool partition wizard. These partitions should be converted to file systems, namely EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4. Once the file extensions are identified, apply the changes and complete the entire process. The next step involves linking your rooted android device to the card. For this, Lind2DS app has to be installed in the gadget. To link, the .ext partition must be selected. Finally, download Swapper and launch it to increase the amount of RAM in your system. This app creates a .swp file to boost RAM. Once this step gets done, you will have a gadget with an increased RAM capacity.

The Bond Between RAM and Battery Performance

A common question raised by commoners is if a loaded RAM can degrade the battery’s performance. Techies believe that unused, free applications in the RAM would not use or kill battery life. However, powerful applications like Facebook and Whatsapp (with frequent notifications) can drain your battery. This is because these apps tend to connect and interact with the server periodically. Applications can never be trusted, since updates and server transmissions can tax your battery unexpectedly. If you witness a sudden fall in battery life, verify which application is causing it. It would be natural to kill these apps for longer battery life. In simpler words, free apps would use only RAM space and not tax your battery. When more apps are stored in the RAM, performance would improve this is because the processor is not expected to load content from internal storage units. So, a loaded RAM will never affect your battery.

Theories in Upgrading the RAM

Meanwhile, getting more RAM will undeniably increase the performance of your smartphone. This is because more applications can be stored in it. As mentioned previously, when the RAM is big, the apps will be retrieved from it effectively and quickly. For example, if your phone has a 512 MB RAM and only 200 MB of apps, an increase to 2GB of RAM will not have a prominent impact on performance; whereas, if you have apps of 1 GB, the foremost increase will boost your phone’s performance drastically.

Three Reasons Behind Poor Smartphone Performance

Before you ponder “How much does RAM cost” or “How to upgrade your RAM”, you must understand that there are three different ways by which an Android Smartphone can become slow.

  • Predominantly, if the phone doesn’t have sufficient amounts of memory (RAM) it can become slow. As mentioned previously, more data transfer will happen increasing the total turnaround time.
  • Secondly, the smartphone might have a poor processor that is not designed for performance. And upgraded RAM will not be helpful in such situations. Before you boost RAM capacity, make sure your processor is compatible with the change.
  • Thirdly, if your phone is old, it may not work well with newer applications. Once again, this is a situation where upgrading the RAM will be futile.

Without any confusions or doubts, a common reason behind slow smartphones is a slow RAM. As applications run in the smartphone and when users forget to close unused apps, the RAM becomes busy. Consequently, the system slows down! To avoid such a situation, you must buy extra RAM.

Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, it is quite easy to increase the size of your RAM using this article “how to expand ram”. A higher RAM will certainly improve the performance of your smartphone. An increased RAM will let you store and load more Apps. In fact, to run performance intensive apps like Temple Run 2 you need a bigger Random Access Memory. However, you should remember that the foremost steps must be carried out with lots of care and concern. Small mistakes can have an impact on the overall performance of your gadget.