Everything You Need to Know about NBN Roll-out Schedule

Throughout Australia, NBN is committed to provide access to the fastest broadband services. Being the most advanced project in the history of Australia, NBN has embraced a totally new era of broadband. In other words, this is the next generation of internet. The current plan of NBN is to take the maximum advantage of the existing wide network infrastructure. They are also striving to upgrade the existing network to make it work mutually with rest of the NBN roll-out network.

Initially, NBN Co planned the completion of FTTP rollout by the month of June in 2021.

While you search for the best NBN deal, make sure you go through the comparison of NBN deals through different reliable sources. From these sources, you will also be able to get some of the latest information with regards to the NBN rollout. Moreover, you will easily and instantly be able to compare the NBN internet plans when you go through the comparisons.

Why choose National Broadband Network?

Choosing NBN and selecting the best NBN broadband plan is beneficial in lot more ways than expected. Similar to ordinary broadband internet services, NBN also offers services in bundles. You can avail these bundles which would give you the ease of getting TV subscription, phone lines, and others all with the same service provider.

NBN offers the following benefits:

  • Allows people to choose from different speed tiers to get faster uploads and downloads
  • Users get more reliable internet due to fibre optic cables
  • Provides optimized solutions and supports the usage requirements of your family or business

NBN to boost Australia’s business

As per the ‘Economic Benefit of the NBN’ report, Aussie entrepreneurs are likely to benefit from the advancement of digital services. This new wave will completely transform the way people interact with their customers and suppliers

The NBN network that connects SMBs is working to add almost $4 billion to the Australian economy each year. Moreover, the University of Melbourne suggests that medium and small businesses throughout Australia are set to make a contribution of an added $4 billion to the Australian GDP every year, subject to the completion of the NBN network rollout. Nevertheless, the NBN network is changing the way businesses run in Australia by offering a variety of advanced services.

Things you must consider before comparing NBN internet plans

To achieve the maximum benefits of this fast growing and advanced internet service, you must choose the broadband plan and service provider that best suits your internet usage requirements.

Before you settle for an internet plan, here are some things you should consider

  • NBN offers download speeds of 100Mbps. This is four times faster than ADSL2+ which offers download speeds of 24 Mbps. You are, therefore, free to choose the speed as per your usage requirements which may range from 12Mbps, 25Mbps, 50Mbps, and 100Mbps.
  • The technologies used (FTTP, FTTN, HFC etc), additional equipment, service add-ons and the period of the contract may vary with every bundle or internet plan.

NBN roll-out information gets updated on weekly basis. The boundaries and information with regards to NBN rollout regions along with it date may change over time.