Customized Skins Make Your Company Stand out

Would you ever let one of your employees greet a customer, knowing that they’re wearing a suit with a huge rip down the back? Not likely. Nor would you let them represent the company at a tradeshow knowing their shirt was threadbare and their shoes scuffed. Why? Because these fashion faux pas present exactly the wrong sort of image you want for your brand – the kind that turns away prospective clients because you and your employees don’t take simple care in your appearance.


This isn’t rocket science. It’s why there’s an office dress code in effect. Not a single one of your employees will meet a client should their clothing not meet the brand’s standards. Even a simple mustard stain on a lapel won’t do. So why then are your employee’s laptops, the illustrious Dell XPS 15, not held to the same standards? These computers, if covered in scuffs, scratches, gouges, and grime, tip off clients for all of the wrong reasons.

It’s time that you make your company stand out at trade shows and conferences for all of the right reasons. As you enforce a strict dress code for your employees, apply one to the company hardware: get Dell XPS 15 skins.

Dell XPS 15 skins are made out of an incredibly strong yet flexible vinyl that wraps around the laptop’s top, bottom, and touchpad. It’s the very same genuine 3M vinyl that you see affixed to company cars sporting colorful advertisements, so you’ll have no worries about them peeling off your employees’ laptops accidentally. Dell XPS 15 skins are specially engineered to stay in place until you’re ready to update them, all without the use of harsh adhesives.

These skins cover up any existing damages that could drive away particular clients. Meanwhile, the durable vinyl withstands any future distress these laptops endure. It takes the brunt of sharp edges and objects instead of the laptop’s chassis, while simultaneously repelling grime and moisture, which means you don’t have to worry about polishing your computer to erase the smudge marks before a big presentation. The very same property that makes a Dell XPS 15 skin grime and water resistant gives it a better grip, so any laptop wrapped up in a skin stays where it’s supposed to be.

Dell XPS skins don’t just cover up what once was; they can display whatever color or texture that you want. It’s a small change, but it has a remarkable impact. No longer will your fleet of computers be bland and average; they’ll be exceptional. Choose the company color, and you’ve got a quick and easy way to stand out amongst the crowd of black and grey computers. Clients and competitors alike will start to recognize your colors. When they see that bright blue or carbon fiber red at a conference, they’ll think of you. Without spending an additional dime on commercial advertising, you’ve got a quick and easy way to bring your brand into the room with your employees wherever you go.

To see the benefits of free advertising on top of superior protection, go online. Search out those retailers that can offer superior fit that matches the exact dimensions of the computer. This is incredibly important, as this computer is a uniquely slender device for all that it can do. It’s nearly 60% thinner than the MacBook Pro, making it the smallest 15 inch laptop on the market. Combined with its Infinity Edge display, the Dell requires some special attention. Skins with precision, like those from dbrand, afford a better fit. To see how the XPS 15’s distinctive features can be accommodated, stop by Engineered to be precise within the millimetre, their skins can create a tight fit.

With a skin in company colors wrapped around your employees’ tech, you never have to worry about the impression that their hardware makes at the next meeting, conference, or tradeshow. Enforce a new dress code for the office – this time for the Dell XPS 15. It’s a simple way to make your brand stand out for all the right reasons.