Best for Beginners Udemy Courses in Web Development and with Certificates

The most demanding aspects of learning the web development or understanding how to code is a fact that there’re a lot of different languages you want to learn. You may not have to learn everything immediately and I recommend you pick the focus language, to begin with, but you may have to get over to have the basic knowledge of everything.

the complete web developer course

Udemy: Complete Web Development Course 2.0

The course will take you from 11 chapters. When you work through every section you will complete the website challenges. Complete Web Development Course 2 has five star ratings of Udemy paid course. It is made to last for 6 weeks, and course comes with the unlimited web hosting plan for a year. This course is good for anybody who is looking to increase their income just by having the wide range of the web developer skills.

Build Responsive and Real World Websites with the HTML5 & CSS3

This particular Udemy course is good for the beginners as it focuses mainly on CSS and HTML —foundation of web. Furthermore, the course is number 1 rated CSS3 and HTML5 course in official Udemy rankings. Goal is by an end of the course you will have the strong understanding of CSS and HTML that you can build your own websites, right from the scratch. Also, the course gets above by not just teaching you basic foundations of CSS and HTML, but getting in:

    • Responsive website design
    • Getting your website online

JavaScript: Understanding Weird Parts

The course is not for the total newbies. Anthony (instructor) wants you to have a little basic knowledge of JavaScript before starting. I recommend people to have the solid handle on CSS and HTML before jumping in JavaScript in first place. This said, it is more of the intermediate-level Udemy course that can help you to understand advanced concepts like prototypal inheritance, closures, IIFEs, and many more. Also, the course will teach you to debug in Javasript (important skill!). Apart from people looking to master the first programming language, the course is good for the people who know other web programming languages, and want to dig in JS.

Learn & Understand NodeJS

NodeJS is the fast growing server technology. Not like JavaScript course (JavaScript: Understanding Weird Parts), the course focuses on the JavaScript on back end and server-side. Why you must learn NodeJS? For the starters, the Node developers are one of the highest paid in tech industry. Also, being quite familiar with this, even though you are not the expert, will help you to land the job, or improve the current one. It is very important to note the course is in the “Early Bird” stage, thus current version of course isn’t a final version.

Learning Dynamic Web Design –JavaScript and PHP MySQL

In the course, you are going to learn “how one can build the functional and full-featured web sites, which use PHP, MySQL, or other web development technologies.” PHP and MySQL, when used together, will equip you to make complex and flexible websites. When you have mastered both of them (that are course’s main focus), course touches on AJAX, CSS, and Javascript for helping you to add the aesthetic appeal or further customization. The course is perfect for the people who would like to completely grasp PHP and MySQL on a back end, and modify the functionality and style of their website on front end.

WordPress Theme Web Development with the Bootstrap

The course shows you to make the WordPress themes by using Bootstrap frontend framework. At the end of this course, you will have good knowledge on WordPress, Bootstrap as well as custom theme development. So, before jumping in, ensure you have the basic knowledge on CSS, HTML, and PHP. The course is perfect for people who want the custom designed WordPress website for themselves.

Ultimate Web Development Udemy Course

The course is very good for the beginners who would like to get the feel for entire website development process. This begins with how you can structure the website with HTML, and moves in CSS, PHP, and databases by looking on MySQL. At an end of course, you are introduced to AJAX and jQuery. Throughout this course, you build the real world project. You will begin by creating the static site with the HTML, and you make this dynamic with PHP. The course is made to be like one stop store. That makes it very different from some other courses on the list that are more of the deep dive in certain subjects.


So, these are some of the best courses available for beginners that will give you complete knowledge about the subject that you are interested to learn and gain experience. Udemy also provides you the certificate and gives complete guidance till the end of your course study.