What is KillerNetworkService.exe? Is it a kind of Virus? (Detailed)

We all know about operating a computer and which file is essential for the computer. Similarly, there is an executable file (.EXE) extension in the computer named ‘KillerNetworkService.EXE.’ This file is located in the programs file folder. There is hype roaming over the internet as some people think of this file as a virus. 

Some people even have to say something positive about this file. Some explain that it saves the computer from different kinds of malware. But, if you have seen the file format of KillerNetworkService then it is under the. EXE extension. It means the file is executable. Honestly, many executables files can harm the computer.

Thus, we are adding this article to let people aware of this file and where does it belong. Let’s have a look.

What is KillerNetworkService.EXE?

The KillerNetworkService.EXE is an executable file, and in some cases, the executable file can harm the computer. For instance, this file work like a virus and some antivirus program cannot detect it for some reasons.


But, this file is always located in the programs folder of the computer.

KillerNetworkService.EXE File Information –

Rivet Networks is the company that officially designed this executable file named KillerNetworkService.EXE. This file is not important for the operating system and can create server issues in windows.

Where it is located –

The file is located at C:\program files\ Killer Networking\ Killer Control Centre.

How to Remove it?

If you want to remove this file? Then, you can simply remove this file using the programs and features option under the settings. You only have to search the file name and click on the remove or uninstall option.

The rest of the process will get done by windows automatically.

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Best Practices to Resolve KillerNetworkService.EXE Issues?

There is nothing much you need to do if you follow the below-given practices for resolving such issues. Let’s have a look at some of the best practices.

  • You can keep cleaning your computer daily like deleting junk files from the computer. 
  • You can run an antivirus program every day to scan for such files. Thus, it would get easier for you to remove them.
  • You can clean the computer using any software that will help you to clean all the junk files in a single click.
  • You can backup data on the daily basis to avoid any loss.
  • You can also keep a check on program files to look for these kinds of files on the computer.


Here we come at the end. We know that you come across this article looking for a detailed piece of information about ‘KillerNetworkService.EXE.’ Honestly, some people call it a kind of virus which can harm the computer.

But, nothing serious was confirmed. Thus, we have added this article to provide all the information related to ‘KillerNetworkService.EXE.’ We have added enough information to support your search. We hope it helps. If there is anything else to ask? You can ask us in the comments section.