UC Browser for PC Free Download

UC Browser is the leading mobile internet browser with more than 400 million users across more than 150 countries and regions. This product is currently available on all major operating platforms in 7 different languages. UC Browser for PC is one of the popular browser for mobile phones and it became addicted for users to use it all the time and they are expecting this browser for their PC’s too. So some programmers and coders made this browser available for PC’s and laptops. Remember that this version of the browser is not official and its not crated by any official authorities.

UC Browser for PC

UC Browser

Features of UC Browser for PC free download

  • UC Browser is compaitable with Windows 7, Windows 8, XP, etc
  • Better Browsing speed
  • Performance is Superb
  • Downloading speed is accurate and faster than others
  • Consumes very less memory and internet connection
  • No Emulators Needed
  • Supports Flash
  • Good User Interface
  • Improved Auto-Fill: Enter the first letter of certain URLs or search terms and have them auto-filled by smart technology.
  • Memory optimization: Increase stability and minimize crash rate for low RAM phones.
  • Enhanced Security: Reduce the risk of revealing your account and password with enhanced security measures to protect you from malicious webpages.
  • Preload Pages: Save time by having next page pre-loaded with intelligent analysis.


1. The major advantage of having UC browser for PC is that it works quite effectively even in slow network connections.

2. The shadow connection It is the special function provide for the Sony-Ericsson phones. Due to the system limit, if the user start UC browser without any operation during connection for a while, it will possibly meet the white screen problem which it couldn’t connect to the internet. When you activate the “shadow connection” function, the UC browser would send connection request  to the server regularly to keep the connection ready for the user all the time.

3. Network Testing As the name shows this function helps you to test your connection with the internet. When we browsing in cellphones, the signal changes as the distance changes between the cellphone and the signal tower, this would interrupt your browsing sometimes. So we provide this function in the browser to make you test whether you’ve lost connection or not.


The main problem associated with this computer version application is that it is available only fore mobile interface. This app’s interface is just like the one you used in your mobile phones.  UC Browser for PC or  Computer is only available in Chinese language. So there will be slight problem in getting comfortable with the application.

Except the one disadvantage this application is good in performance and interface.