Top 5 Best Browsers for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Apps may be dominating the tech world right now but some things are done only using the websites and you need a real browser to do that. Let’s have a look at the top five Android browser apps that have amazing features and provide you enough value.

Top 5 Best Browsers for Android Device Download Free:

Best Browsers for Android

Firefox for Android:

This is a no-brainer. It is one of the leading browsers of all time in PC and has become extremely popular in the Android world as well. It gives you the option to install extensions just like in the PC and it’s a game changer for mobile. You can install ad blocks and various other extensions and enhance your browsing experience. Also, there is support for dark screen mode in AMOLED screens and it looks pretty awesome. The only downside is it can be pretty heavy on your battery.

Brave Browser:

This is one of the latest browsers to hit the play store and is actually pretty interesting. It has got a cool ad block feature which is insanely needed in all web browsers in this day of ever increasing adware. It also offers incognito private mode so that you don’t have to worry about your secret browsing history. It also offers optimization for speed and battery life.

Naked Browser:

The simplest looking browser with graphics cut down, it may be but it’s blazing fast and incredibly lightweight. In this age of heavy graphics and feature rich browsers and apps, Naked has taken the opposite route. It stands for speed and simplicity and doesn’t care about features and graphics. It just does what a browser is intended to do, insanely fast.

Lightning Browser:

It live up to its name with lightning speed and offers many features too unlike the naked browser. It has a free version which does most of the job but if you opt for a paid version, you can open unlimited tabs and block ads. The free version also offers ad blocking, customization features such as various themes etc. This also is an open source program.

Samsung Browser:

Before you classify this as bloatware, let me tell you this is one of the best browsers available on Android today and offers multiple features such as Ad block, reading mode similar to Microsoft edge, Various extensions, Secret mode and so on. It’s a surprisingly efficient browser from Samsung and it has made its mark. It works for non-Samsung devices too which is amazing. Also, you can pop web videos and place it anywhere on your screen while multi-tasking.


Those were the top five browsers we could find on Android mobiles. If we had to pick only one, we would probably go with Firefox for its features and speed. Google has got a lot to improve in its chrome browser and we really do not think it would make the top five list. Let us know which is your favorite browser that you use on your mobile devices.