Chromebook Apps

Chromebook App

This one is recommended for those who are addicted to micro blogging website Twitter. This app brings the whole new experience of Twitter on your Chromebook. In this app, user can organize the tweets in the way so that he/she sees the tweets related to stuff that is important for him/her. They can easily track what they like and can have full control on how their feed should be. No more need of wasting time in reading tweets that don’t come in your interest area.


Ever wished to edit the photos to make it look in the way you want? You can fulfill your wish on Chromebook by installing PicMonkey on it. This no.2 app in this list of amazing Chromebook apps is recommended to all photography enthusiasts. The photos can be arranged in a collage to represent a friendship or any particular event such as birthday. The photos can be made attractive by editing them with the help of tools and filters that you get in PicMonkey.


The data stored in your Chromebook is not secure. Virus, Malware, spyware etc., can hit the data anytime and you will have to suffer through frustration and loss, of course. Cloud Storage is the best way to keep your data secure. If you use the Box’s cloud storage service, then you must install their official app on your Chromebook. Since the Cloud Storage is very important for everyone, therefore this app acquires the no.3 slot in this list of amazing apps for Chromebook.

Cut the Rope

Want to have some fun on your Chromebook? Cut the Rope can help you get so. It is well-known puzzle game for smartphones, and is available for your Chromebook as well. This one of the most Chromebook apps is recommended for all those out of you who love to play puzzle games. Your task is to cut the ropes so as to make the candy reach the hungry monster.

Evernote Web

Evernote is the best way to save and organize your important notes and documents. This app for Chromebook lets you use Evernote with ease. You can save new docs or can access the saved ones with single click.