Top Best Antivirus for Windows 7

Internet threats, cyber scams, key loggers, phishing and various types of viruses are attacking the PC. To avoid from these attacks and to be safe then you should have an antivirus which can protect you from getting attacked and if attacked by any chance then it has the power to heal the attacked or infected file.

Antivirus for Windows 7


Why to Use Top Best Antivirus for Windows 7?

  • To avoid from trojan and other viruses.
  • To be safe on internet and get rid of getting hacked.
  • To keep your information 100% safe

So you require a Antivirus for your personal security, but there are many antiviruses that can you be in a dilemma. Don’t worry i have solution for this too. Below is a list of top 5 best antivirus for windows 7


AVG is one of the best antivirus software and it also has smooth UI and the performance is also very good. It comes highly recommended from IT expert. It is also available for free version, first try the demo package and then if you are satisfied with it the subscribe with that package.

Avast Antivirus

It is the second best antivirus which is available for free and the updates are also sometimes free,without any monthly subscription. the UI and the speech assistant features are simply extraordinary.

Norton Antivirus

You all know this software very well, as its been popular from some ages and it takes the third place because this software has been more expensive and the above two are a bit compared to it and are also popular. When compared to others it also does good protection than the below ones.

Features: Antispyware, Facebook protection, Parental controls, Advanced online identity theft protection, Antitvirus, Automatic backups and tune-ups, Browser protection, 2 GB of secured online storage, 5 patented layers of protection

McAfee Antivirus

Its the world’s largest security based company, it has got some reputation that this can do something better than others. It takes care of malware & malicious programs and both offline and online in a breeze, albeit it does add a bit of weight to your computer’s performance. still, it remains a highly recommended software. The UI is not that suitable to the present situation.