Top 10 Apps of iPhone 6S Plus

Apple which is an International brand and its sales are increasing tremendously now-a-days. Apple mainly concentrated India as many people are fascinated to Apple products as they are going crazy in using them as they are best for its features. As for 2015 updates, Apple crossed over 1.7 billion dollar mark in one year. Apple released iPhone 6 plus in September, 2015. Along with this, Apple announced that is going to lunch both Online and Offline Retail stores in India. Along with iPhone SE Apple also unveiled its new accessories such as leather cases in Black and Midnight Blue which are new models. These accessories will cost around Rs. 2,900.

Apps of iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6s Pus is manufactured with most updated inbuilt apps. We generally have a problem with Apple products and that is security issue. It will not accept all software programs. To overcome this issue Apple mingled with IBM and we can expect next Apple products without this issue.

  • Workflow: This app is specially designed for tinkerers. Using this app you can combine all your mandatory actions into an ordered workflow. This can save your time and will make all your works automatic. This is not free App and it costs around Rs. 250. Through it deals with some amount of money using this app we can combine all works and let it run automatic.
  • iMovie: This App was launched one year ego especially for iPhone 6S and 6S plus to make use of larger displays. iPhone 6S is able to shoot 4K videos and iMovie App will help more for larger display and for editing required contents.
  • Instagram: It is best app for photos and video display. Placing any photo in Instagram is easy using home screen itself. This app is inbuilt in iPhone 6S plus and this is app.
  • Tweetbot 4: This app is specially provided for iPhone 6S only. It is twitter client and best for large icons and graphics. Smart app for those who are addicted to social networking sites.
  • Pinterest: It is similar to social networking app and this app is available through iPhone 6S Plus.
  • Dropbox: Though Dropbox is not exciting app but it is in list of Top 10 Apps in iPhone 6S Plus. Using Dropbox we can upload photos and videos which gives quick actions for search and uploading.
  • Open Table: Free app that is provided exclusively for iPhone 6S Plus. This is for restaurant reservation app for booking and we can easily reserve our desired table in one tap.
  • Duo lingo: This is for learning languages and it is available free in iPhone 6S. Using this app we can start practice classes directly from our mobile itself. This is much easier to use, view and learn languages.
  • Sky Guide: This app is designed to view the night sky in landscape mode. This is most attracting app available through iPhone 6S.
  • Hipstamatic Camera: This is a camera feature which is inbuilt and is divisive and proven controversial. It is available for free in iPhone 6S and specially designed for photos and videos.