SmartSpends – App Review

SmartSpends, an app by Times Internet, claims to be one of the smartest financial management android apps for any mobile device.

This simple and intuitive app aims to manage all your money spending habits in order to save money. This app suggests using best credit/debit card while making a payment that could get you avail discounts.


SmartSpends uses intelligent algorithms and also easy to understand user interface on the spend feed that is saved in the text inbox of the user’s phone. This helps in organizing all the spending into different categories, giving the users a picture of all spending in one single place.

List of SmartSpends features:



This first feature automatically reads all the transaction SMS’s that you receive from your bank, online retailers, and retail stores to make a note of the amounts you have spent or received. The app has the ability to organize your spending by category, merchants, and accounts. It also gives you an overview of your spends in the Summary tab. This way you get to know where your money is going and you can easily control your expenses accordingly.

Bill Calendar:


Sure you hate late fees and interest charges. So this feature Bill Calendar can aggregate all yours bills in one view and then through its smart alert system. This app alerts you when your bills are due.

Card Suggest:


For using this app feature all you need is to enter a place where you intend to spend your money. It suggests you which debit/credit card you should use to get that extra discount.


Based on the purchasing behavior, the app feature suggests you the most relevant offers to help you save money. One can easily save up to almost 20% in each transaction you make.

 Fun Facts:

To share it over social media handles this smart app feature add a daily feed of some witty facts related to funds with an option.



This app feature helps to stay on top of your investments by easily finding and buying all the best mutual funds. It helps in automatically track all your investments at one place.

SmartSpends is an interactive application to keep an eye on your spending along with exploring options to save money on your purchases. It is indeed a powerful and “refreshingly new way to get smarter with your money” manager app that helps you takes full control of all your personal finances.