Samsung Galaxy S7 Review-A return to old ways

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is has made it to the market globally with its release on this March 11. Samsung has incorporated all strengths of its past phones to build this handset so that it could mark a new standard in the mobile technology. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 may not be perfect but it is for sure among the best Android phones in the market today.

galaxy s7

Best Features

The Galaxy S7 handset features an excellent display and offers strong performance to best meet your everyday tasks and gaming needs. Along with that both the speed and quality of its cameras is pretty competitive and satisfying, which is a plus point for all photography lovers. Another pro of purchasing Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with water resistance as well so you don’t need to worry even if water gets splashed on to your phone accidently.

Design and Colors

The Galaxy S7 handset is available in four main color variants including black, white, gold and silver. On the front side, it is pretty much alike its predecessor Galaxy S6, with similar button and sensor placements. But when you compare it to other Android phones in the market, it features a much more compact design at 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm with a 5.1-inch display. It is may be a bit thicker than any other phones at 7.9mm but you still can’t call it thick. In fact, its extra 1.1mm thickness than its predecessor has given it some extra space for holding a battery with 17.6 percent greater capacity and has made the camera sensor less prominent.

The camera sensor only protrudes the device by 0.46 mm, which means S7 remains flat when kept on the surface on its back. S7’s curved rear gives it a gorgeous feel while the small frame makes it fit your hand perfectly. Its side profile is rounded. You can find its microphone and micro SD card and SIM card slots on upstairs. The power button is on the right of the phone.

Built Quality

The device both dust and water resistant and can survive a quick dip or splash of water with its IP68 certification. In fact it is efficient enough of surviving a water submersion of a depth of up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. When the device is wet and you try to plug in your charging cable, the S7 handset is intelligent enough to prevent the charge so as to avoid short circuits. The device features an aluminum frame layered with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 4 on both the front and the back so as to protect the device from scratches and maintaining its finishing.


It features a Super AMOLED 5.1-inch display with QHD resolution of 1440 x 2560, which allows the device to gain a pixel density of 577 pixels per inch. This suggests that you can rest assured of the display’s sharpness and great detail. You get the best quality contrast and saturation such that everything is readable even when the sun is bright. S7 comes with a brilliant display.

Along with the fantastic display, Samsung has also made a worthwhile addition by optimizing this device in such a way that the display’s contrast and brightness can adjust automatically on the basis of ambient light. With this addition, the Galaxy S7 device automatically improves readability as the ambiance gets darker during late evenings and night time.

Special Always-on feature

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a special Always-on feature, just like the LG G5 device, that means a portion of its displays always remains active. This portion may include the calendar, date and time, notifications section or more. Having told this you may think whether this feature would affect the phone’s battery life. Well, this Always-on feature consumes very little power and thus has only a small effect on the device’s battery life but yes, it is noticeable. It uses little power because only individual pixels are activated with this feature. And then, you also have the option to disable this feature in case you don’t even a little more consumption of your phone’s battery.

Fingerprint Sensor

It also holds a fingerprint sensor on its home button.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Software

This device runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and the Samsung’s TouchWiz interface is a plus point. You get some quite practical pre-installed apps and monthly software updates to protect you device from security breaches and software errors.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone is a good buy for its price value and is also one of the best Android phones in the market. For any issues you can always visit the nearby phone repair Stevenage to get it checked. Purchase it today and enjoy the amazing features!