Redmi Note 4 Vs Lenovo P2

Introduction: The budget war is here with many exciting new devices available for customers to choose from. You can have a great value for the price device for about 10 k to 15 k without hurting your wallet. Seriously, this is the most exciting time to live if you are a smartphone lover. Let’s dig in and compare two of the most popular mid-range devices today, the Redmi Note 4 and the Lenovo P2.

  1. Build Quality: Both the devices feel premium and have uni-body metal design. The Lenovo P2 feels a tad more premium and also packs a Gorilla Glass 3 while the Remi Note 4 doesn’t but Xiaomi offers MI protect, a program that replaces or repairs your Redmi phone for no cost, if you accidentally damage your phone. I think the next Redmi phones should come with Gorilla Glass.
  1. Display: The Redmi Note 4 packs a 5.5 inch HD IPS display while the Lenovo P2 packs the same size 5.5 inch AMOLED display. The Lenovo P2 wins here because of AMOLED.
  1. Specs and Performance: Let’s get to the most important part of a smartphone. Both the devices pack features that are akin to any flagship. Both smartphones run on a snapdragon 625 processor and while the P2 comes only in 3GB/4GB variants, the Note 4 also come in a 2GB RAM version. Also, the Note 4 offers 64 GB storage while the P2 only comes with 32 GB. Coming to the battery, the Lenovo P2 is a clear winner as it thumps the Redmi Note 4 with its gigantic 5100 mAh battery. The Note 4 packs a 4100 mAh battery. The P2 can easily last 2-3 days depending on your usage while the Note 4 can last a day and half. Coming to the camera, the Note 4 beats the P2 in this regard as it sports a better camera which gives excellent shots. Both the phones pack a 13 MP rear camera with 5 MP front one. The P2’s shots feel more vivid and a bit unnatural while the Note 4 does its job perfectly. Both pack fingerprint scanners that are fast and do their job.
  1. Software: The Note 4 comes with pre-loaded with Marshmallow and MIUI, which gives it a distinct look while the P2 too comes with Android Marshmallow. Also, the P2 recently got the Nougat update which slightly improved the performance of the device. Lenovo also packed a lot of additional features like VR mode, double tap to wake and many such. The Note 4 is expected to receive more updates as promised from Redmi, but they may come with bugs.
  1. Pricing: The 3GB RAM variant of Lenovo P2 is available for INR 13500 in Flipkart while the Redmi Note 4 is available in weekly flash sales for under 15k.

Conclusion: Overall, the Lenovo P2 is a nicer device as it comes with Gorilla Glass 3, a huge battery and Android 7.0. The Note 4 too is bang for the buck as it is available cheaply and offers more storage options. Before deciding on which one to buy, know your needs and priorities.