How a Professional App Developer can help prepare your Company for IoT

Reports suggest that there will be 25 billion things connected to the Internet by 2020 and with more and more investment firms investing in smart technology, the opportunities for businesses to leverage the Internet of Things are nearly limitless — if you have the right outlook. The IoT represents the next evolution of the Internet, and big players like Rolls Royce and UPS are already developing business-facing IoT apps. It is transforming the corporate playing field, creating opportunities for new revenue sources, intelligent customer interactions, and greater efficiency across the board. With the anticipation of the phenomenal growth of IoT in the future, you may be asking how organizations like yours canachieve sustainable competitive advantage.

With the advent of IoT, intelligent, connected products set new standards for operational efficiency, and you must decide how to integrate smart applications related to your products if you want your company to capitalize. Businesses are investing so heavily in IoT because it is opening the door to further customer relations. Creating a connected product using IoT technologies creates a relationship between the product company and the customer. This becomes an ongoing service experience and relationship that dramatically improves customer engagement and brand awareness.

As consumers become more and more connected to the services and products they use, from parcel delivery to thermostats to fitness apps, the relationship between client and company goes from being a single arm’s-length transaction to an ongoing service relationship. If your company is located in the GTA and you’re looking into the best app developer companies in Toronto to help you take the leap into the future of IoT, a full service firm can help you stay competitive by adopting new technologies, pushing the limits of current tech, experimenting with a gamut of IoT devices, and delivering innovative Internet of Things applications.


Broken down in simple terms: if Internet of Things technology is all about connecting people to the products and services they use every day (and by necessary proxy the companies that provide those services), staking an early claim will allow you to achieve higher growth and margins relative to the industry average. If you are unable to be operationally effective and embrace these new innovations, you will fall behind your competitors in cost and quality. You must choose how you will provide a unique value to a group of clients you serve — especially as more and more businesses hop on the IoT bandwagon.

This is where a partnership with third party app development companies can be such a boon. Your clients trust you to run your business because you know your field inside and out — so trust a professional app development firm like Toronto’s Clearbridge Mobile to help you take advantage of IoT technologies by creating new innovative services and interactive models. From smart objects to wearable computing, applications that connect cars to smartphones and smartwatches, touchless payment platforms and more, the right app developer can help you tackle new challenges and craft innovative IoT solutions.