Oppo Super VOOC Battery Technology fully charges your phone in 15 min

Smartphone evolution has become very rapid these days with the latest and latest features in competition with the competitors in the market, many companies are releasing the Smartphones with new and new features.

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But the only and common issue with any device for many users is the tension of getting their battery percent from 100 to 0. And they have no time to charge their phones to full again. This made the fast charging technology a key requirement to any Smartphone.

For the long time of this Smartphone evolution, the batteries been used are Lithium-ion. And with some innovation on them these days the batteries with fast charging facility by including Qualcomm’s Quick charge. This technology takes at least 30 minutes to charge your phone to 100 percent.

But this Super VOOC technology takes just 15 minutes to fully charge your phone with 2500 mAh battery. This technology works both with Micro-USB and USB Type-C input peripherals.

VOOC Flash Charge’s Technical Principle

oppo vooc fast charge principle

Adds an intelligent MCU chip (flash core) in the adapter in order to achieve revolutionary voltage open-loop and multi-stage, constant-current charging And Creatively changes circuit topologies, meanwhile creates an all-side, five-level protection technique from the adapter to the interface as well as the device, securing the safety as well as the speed.

Advantages of Low Voltage VOOC Flash Charge

  • VOOC charging voltage is in line with the standard smartphone charging voltage of 5V.
  • Power can be directly transmitted to the battery without any voltage conversion, allowing the process to attain a charging efficiency of up to 97%.
  • The temperature of a smartphone using VOOC Flash Charge remains significantly lower during the charging process than a phone using a high-voltage solution.
  • Difference in charging mechanism and efficiency.
  • VOOC Flash Charge-enabled devices will heat up by a maximum of only 3.3. degrees Celsius
  • Enables you flash Charge you Smartphone and safely use it during the charging process.