Mastering Google Gboard Keyboard – Tips, Tricks, And Shortcuts

Looking for the best keyboard for your smartphone? Then, Google Gboard is definitely the one! First launched on iOS devices in May 2016 and then later released on Android devices in December 2016, the app has become a big hit within a short span of time.

With more than 500 million downloads and still counting, the popularity of the app continues to rise day by day. Why you may ask? Simply because of the countless different power-packed features it offers.

Gboard Tips And Tricks


Google GBoard has steadily evolved over the few months since it was launched and today, it has become one of the best keyboards available for iOS and Android devices.

In addition to incorporating everything available in a modern keyboard, Gboard also includes several nifty, quick-access functions such as Google Translate, GIF search, and much more.

Gboard is available on almost all android devices but most android users are not aware of all the cool things this app can do. Here are few tips, tricks, and shortcuts that will help you master the Google Gboard and use it to its maximum potential:

Tips, Tricks, And Shortcuts For Google Gboard:

  1. Google Translate:
  2. This is a new feature that enables users to translate words and sentences as they type. This feature comes in handy when you are communicating with someone, who speaks another language, or you want to impress someone. You can choose the language in which you want to type as well as the language to which the text should be translated.

    To use Google Translate, first choose the Google icon (G icon) and then the translate icon. Select your source and the target languages from the list provided and simply start typing.

  3. GIF And Emoji Search:
  4. You must’ve used the GIF search feature in Facebook Messenger, where you type a word and a list of corresponding GIFs is displayed. If you are one of those many people who enjoy adding emojis and GIFSs to messages, then there’s happy news for you!

    Gboard lets you search for GIFs and emojis without scrolling through them. All you should do is type a descriptive word in the keyboard and the emojis or GIFs related to the description will be listed.

  5. Quick Swipe To Erase Words Or Sentences:
  6. Another great feature Gboard offers is the ability to delete words or sentences in the text bar by simply sliding left from the backspace button. To delete the last word you had just typed, just do a quick, short swipe.

  7. Add Shortcuts To Gboard:
  8. The texts or phrases that you commonly use can be stored and used with the help of the shortcut feature. To use this feature, go to GBoard Settings > Dictionary > Personal dictionary > Select keyboard and tap on ‘+’ to create the shortcuts.

  9. One-Handed Mode:
  10. If you are eating and texting at the same time, and you find it difficult to type with both hands, Gboard offers you a cool little trick that allows to you to select the one-handed mode.

    On choosing this option, the keyboard will become smaller and move toward one side of the screen, making it easier for you to type with one hand. To use this feature, just tap on the G button and then select the one-handed typing icon.

These are just a few tips and tricks that will help you use the Gboard better. As you keep using Gboard, you’ll discover so many more features that will make you fall in love with this app.

With these features, typing becomes too easy and you save a lot of time, whether you are chatting with someone, typing an email or preparing a report in Google Docs.

If you want to connect your smartphone to a PC for file transfer or take backups without installing a PC suite, it is essential to download phone USB drivers and install it on your computer.

To test these features and more, make sure that your smartphone is running the latest version of the Gboard app. Gboard keeps on getting better and smarter with each update, and you can expect even more impressive features in the coming years.