LimeTorrents Proxy | 100% Free working Proxy Sites of 2019

Limetorrents is the lesser known torrent sites. The site claims that they are in the market since 2009. It is a site that helps you to find the movies and V series on the site. The perk of downloading the content from the site is the content comes free on the site. One does not have to pay a hefty amount of money in order to buy the subscription of the site.

One does not have to sign in, in order to get the content. One can go to the site through the mirror site. When it comes to the content, you can find content arrayed by genre wise. It will be easier to find the content if it is arrayed according to the content type. Though the site is providing content for free they do not compromise on the quality of the content.

Why are Proxy Sites for Limetorrents Important?


After the major crack down on the torrent sites carried out by the government of several countries the domain of several sites got banned. With every passing day the administration is carrying out the exercise of blocking the official site that offers downloading of movies, e-book, music, serials etc. There comes the proxy site that helps to overcome the issue of not finding the site of the torrent.

Due to the torrent blocking exercise the torrent of the Limetorrents has been blocked. But with the help of the proxy site one can find site. The proxy site is essential that it provides uninterrupted access to the site. It is important because of the proxy site people can download content for free. Since, one is reaching to the site through several proxy sites, it is safe to use the site as the IP address will not be prominent.

Unblocked Limetorrents through Unblocked Proxy & Mirror Sites In 2019

The Limetorrents is known as the best torrent in the USA, UK and Australia. When it comes to downloading the content from the Limetorrents you need to visit to the as it is the most popular one among all. Many have raised the concern about the safety of using the torrent. A couple of years back a government crackdown has ended the service of the torrent. Due to that Limetorrent has been blocked by the government.

People got relieved when the proxy came into the picture. The proxy helps to reach to the sites. You can find the Limetorrent through the proxy. When you find the proxy all you need to go to the ‘unblock the proxy’ option. Once you have unblocked the proxy you will get the search bar where you can type the name of the site. You will find a list of links. You need to click the link in order to find the desired site.

Even after the crackdown, Limetorrents is still surviving as the site is much better than the rest. In order search the torrent link you may need to scroll through the list.


When it comes to Limetorrents, It is one of the torrents that are worth getting attention for. The reason is user friendly. One can get the content by using only a few clicks. It is a clean site. One can find the site through mirror site. People find almost everything on the site. It is a good site as it can hide the IP address of the user. It is a torrent that gained popularity in Japan. The torrent does not allow any obscene content on the site and it is a safe place to download content.