iPad Air 3 is well Rounded with few Features

iPad Air 2 has celebrated its birthday but yet we are not able to see iPad Air 3. But this time March 2016 will belongs to iPad Air 3. After hues and cry we will finally able to check out this stunning tablet from Apple. The 9.7 inch screen tablet will be around in March what else we can ask for more for the tablet lover. It will create sensation and the many more facts is yet under rumors but it will come out as no time is left in its announcement and in its releases.

iPad Air 3 Price

iPad Air 3

You should give air to your excitement by discussing about the iPad Air 3’s speculations and what it is upto.

iPad Air 3 Design

As far as design is concerned, Apple will not come across with loads of changes in iPad Air 3. This tablet will be super slim and all metal body so there will no compromise in its look. It is likely to have similarities between iPad Air 2 and Ipad Air 3 when it comes to have exterior design or its shape. The engaging beauty of this upcoming device of the Apple will rock and make remarkable presence felt everywhere with iPad Air 3. The tablet is slenderest and there will be constant LED flash unit next to the rear camera which is going to create big difference in history of Apple’s tablets.

iPad Air 3 More Speakers

When it comes to the speakers of the iPad Air 3 then you will surely shocked with the rumor of having two on the top and two speakers on the bottom and apart from this there will be a connector which you can link to the accessories of the keyboard. Apple has never come up with the hole under the camera lens with the LED flash unit on an Apple tablet is something you are going to get. You will see new changes also and that is, there will be no keyboard connector port. With the four speakers, you will have more enhanced sound and amazing experience with the joy of music and songs and the previous iPads lack all that. Nothing is official about my remarks but the previous sources have claimed the truth about the devices so we are so close to the reality of this device.

iPad Air 3 Keyboard

iPad Air 3 would have smart keyboard and this will make big difference. The smart keyboard for the 9.7 inch screen of Air 3 is possibly to remain as rumor only as there would be no connection with reality so it is better to consider is a rumor. We can say that we will have privilege to have smaller keyboard for the iPad Air 3 for the good effect of the professional formats and icon. This will be the pleasing change for those who love to have smaller display.

iPad Air 3 Apple Pencil

The pencil would have great appearance with iPad Air 3. They both will complement each other and their functions. But when you talk about the sources that revealed that iPad Air 3 will not come up with Apple Pencil. Pencil will be supported by iPad Air 3 and this could be very helpful accessories if Air 3 is coming up with this.

Apart from this you can have brief look at everything about the iPad Air 3

It is directly saying that without being biased that iPad Air 3 is following iPad Pro in several aspects whether you are talking about four speaker’s layout, smart connector and the rear LED Flash. The ultra thin design is something you cannot resist it. The flash capabilities will be potentially first time introduced to the iPads. The improved photography in low light condition with the flash camera is amazing experience. iPad Air 3 may come up with the upgraded camera of iPad Air 2. iPad Air 2 is the thinner most Apple’s device in tablet. May be Apple will maintain this first position by introducing us iPad Air 3 with the 0.05 mm thicker and 0.1 mm wider. It has powerful processors which is A9X.It could include 4k display and it could not possibly include 3 D touch as per few sources. It may include 4 GB of RAM with iOS 10.

Apple is in full swing and with full determination want to come in the top headlines through gathering news and scandals. The iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 3 will make us proud that we are the part of Apple generation. The line up of the iPad is having long chain of the upgradation. After 2010 iPad Air 3 will be the first device or tablet that is coming in March 2016 otherwise Apple always make its entry with its tablet on the October to November moth of every year.