How to use HD calling on a LTE enabled phone?

JioJoin App is a complete solution to every calling and texting problems. In order to enjoy calling and texting on 4G network without falling back on 3G or 2G you just need to use this app. You can also use this app on non-4G devices in conjunction with MiFi device. With this app you can make a call using rival’s network as it works on VoLTE technology. Now JioJoin is becoming popular in these days without any interruption and problem.

This app is completely different from VoIP apps as it is based on different technology. There are lots of questions in the users mind like can I use 4G on 3G connectivity and how can I use this app and lot more. We will provide you all your answers in this article. This app has changed our calling method and makes it cheaper and convenient for us as it is a result of hard work of lots of people.

About JioJoin app

Jiojoin app is introduced by Reliance to make our calling experience better. There are lots of VoIP apps like WhatsApp and Skype which can use other service provider’s network to make a call but in India there are some laws which prevent the app-makers to connect their call from landline and mobile networks. If they want to do so then they all need a telecom license. Jio had taken a telecom license so that its subscribers can make call to other mobile phones using VoLTE.

Outstanding Features of JioJoin

The VoLTE technology has its own amazing features but when it is combined with the JioJoin app then it has become ultimate arousing technology which has got all the ingredients to show their rival companies their position. Let’s discuss about the amazing feature that come with the JioJoin app when you install it in your device from play store: –

  • You can make HD call to your relative and friends with this app with great transmission of signals through internet connectivity.
  • The receiving person is not bound to have internet connection in order to pick up the call. It means that only the person who is making a call should have internet connection in their phone.
  • You can also make a HD Video call with this app and if you are using a good internet connection then your Call will not be interrupted.
  • This app gives you opportunity to send a brief message with your device. It also works according to your internet connection.
  • Reliance call rates are also very cheap so that you will not hesitate while making a call with your android device.

How to HD calling on LTE enabled phone?

If you want to make a HD call with LTE network then it is not difficult. Actually JioJoin has got an advantage for non-VoLTE devices that they can make a call by combination with Jio’s MiFi devices. In order to make a HD call, firstly you need 4G internet connectivity service in your device and then just install this amazing app on your phone and then with its user friendly interface you can make a HD call. It completely depends on the quality of internet that you are using.

What makes it a Revolutionary App in the Market?

VoIP calling is available in the market since 3G internet is introduced but now with the 4G connectivity Reliance has launched a new technology which will allows you to use other cellular network for calling and messaging purpose. Now you don’t need to worry about the network issue in rural areas because you can connect with the other available network with the help of JioJoin app.


With other apps like Viber and Whatsapp clarity issue is the biggest problem because it is possible that the receiver user will have improper internet connectivity in his device. That’s why in order to provide HD voice calling Reliance has provided you JioJoin app which allows you to make HD video and voice calls as it works on the upgraded VoLTE technology and has caliber to revolutionize the market.