How to Set Up a Website on a Low Budget

You can’t escape from the fact that we live in a very digitally dominated world. People increasingly want to be able to perform everyday activities such as making purchases using their phone, at a time that is convenient to them. They don’t want to have to rush to the shop after work in the hope that they get there just in time and then quickly find the item they need. Online shopping has made shopping a whole lot easier for the technically savvy consumers.

If you have a business then you can bet that the first place someone will be looking for a company that provides your services is online, so if you do not have an online presence then how will they find you? More and more small businesses are realising that they simply must have a blog if they are going to attract new business. However, some business owners can be put off getting a website set up as they think it is going to be expensive.

In the last decade, it has become much easier for people without web development experience to set up a website, using preformatted templates and other helpful tools. Many hosts provide tools like a free website builder that simplifies your website so you just have to choose colours and upload your own content and use their page layout. They guide you through how to add your own content with clear instructions, so this type of tool really helps a novice website builder.

Now one of the aspects that you will need to consider is what type of web hosting service you will select. You can have free web hosting services or you can have cheap web hosting and you will need to decide which one will be the best fit for your circumstances.

According to the team at Top 10 Website Hosting  you can get a fairly good hosting package for around £5 per month, so over the year that really doesn’t amount to that much. By paying that fee you have a lot more freedom with your website than you do if you go with a free hosting service. You should also be able to do a lot more in terms of creativity with your website when using a paid hosting service.

To help you to decide, you may want to have a look at one of the free services, such as to see what it offers. You might be asking at this point, why pay for something that you can have for free? Well it isn’t really that cut and dry. Free hosting involves a number of limitations and whilst these vary depending on the provider, typical drawbacks include:

  • Not having your own domain name
  • The host using your website to display ad banners
  • Limited storage
  • Limited bandwidth
  • No technical support

However, if you really do not want to spend any money on your website then this is probably the best solution for you. It is certainly better than having no website at all, unless it looks unprofessional and prevents customers from wanting to do business with you. So you have to weigh up the pros and cons and decide whether it is better just to pay that extra amount so that you can do more with your website.

With the shared hosting plans you can use ‘one-click install’ features for WordPress, meaning you can start using the world’s most popular content management system straight away. Then all you need to think about is creating great content to add to your site!