How to Drive Traffic to Your Sales Page From Your Blog

If you’ve already got a blog, there are a number of ways that you can integrate these tips so that you can generate an income from your blog.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, check out one of our other articles about how to start it. Come back and read this article before actually starting if you plan on using your blog to make money though, as you can use these tips when starting your blog as well!

Offer Your Users Something

It doesn’t really matter what you offer your users, but you need to offer them something. People have made extremely successful businesses selling ugly Christmas sweaters online and using blogs. If you make sure to give your users something of value and substance, whether this is a service, information, or simply entertainment, you’ll draw in traffic and create a customer base.

Be Unique

Better yet, offer your users something they can’t get anywhere else! Create something unique and valuable for your users so that they can only find it on your page. This will give people a reason to visit, but also a reason to stay. More than this, it will give people in your niche market what they are looking for in a way or manner that no one else can provide.

Make Connections and Network

It’s important to make sure that you target customers that are going to be interested in what you sell and offer on your blog. Consider your niche market and make sure that you try to attract that crowd.

Don’t just limit yourself to customers though. Connect and network with companies and services similar to you. Influencers in their field already have a large audience targeted to that demographic. By connecting and networking, you expand your circle and your company’s reach.

Best all of all, if you do it strategically, they should be semi-interested in what you offer.

Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages

Usually, the best way to make money using a blog is to have it bolster your other campaigns and fuel traffic to your money-generating pages, or landing pages.

Whether it’s advertising,  affiliate marketing, or direct sales, your goal is to get people to your landing pages and to convert. Your other pages should help facilitate this. That’s why your inner pages will typically provide information and reviews to help your customers shop for products and services.

A blog is used best when it helps generate interest in your content and pages, as well as drive traffic to your landing pages, while also motivating your customers to buy. Therefore, while providing something useful and unique, you also want to funnel your customers to your landing pages and give them a call to action.

While you can put your blog to a number of good uses, using it to make money is more complicated. Always remember you’re trying to drive traffic to sales and never forget your bottom line. This is rather complicated, so you may want to get advice from professionals. The team at gave me great advice and support to help me drive beneficial traffic to my landing pages.

If you follow these simple tips, you can make your blog work for you and make you money!