How to download Whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp is an app available on play store for android phones and also for some sets of Nokia. Whatsapp or whatsapp messenger is an app which is used for connecting people who have this app installed in their phone or PC. People connect with their friends and colleagues over whatsapp and can share pictures, videos, statuses and can also have a group chat over whatsapp. Unlike other social networking media like facebook, twitter etc. here we don’t need to make an account for using whatsapp. The user just needs to verify his or her phone number and he or she is ready to use whatsapp. Whatsapp earlier was available only for android phones and for some sets of Nokia phone, but now whatsapp can also be downloaded on PC with windows 7, windows 8 and windows xp.

Download Whatsapp for pc

There are many softwares available which has enabled non android users to be active on whatsapp using their PCs like bluestacks. The user just needs to have an internet connection and download whatsapp using software like bluestacks. Apart from using whatsapp by downloading bluestacks to the PC, the user can also follow many other ways which are stated below clearly.

How to download Whatsapp for PC 

Using Bluestacks :

  • Open Google search, look for softonic downloader.
  • Using softonic software, download bluestacks to your PC.
  • Once bluestacks is downloaded, the bluestacks window opens which is similar to that of the Play store window which opens on the smart phones.
  • Just like you search for an app on play store, in the same way, type for whatsapp messenger in the search option of the bluestacks window.
  • Click on install option and whatsapp starts getting installed.
  • Once it is installed, enter your phone number and complete the other formalities and then you will be ready to use whatsapp on your PC.

Using “apk” file :

  • Open any search engine, let us say Google.
  • Type apk file of whatsapp.
  • From the results shown, open and download the apk file of whatsapp.
  • Once the apk file of whatsapp is downloaded, right click on the downloaded whatsapp icon and click on open with bluestacks.
  • The whatsapp window opens. Register your phone number and add the contact number of your friends and you are ready to use whatsapp.

Using Mobogeni :

  • Connect an android phone having whatsapp installed to the PC with the help of the USB cable.
  • Once the phone is connected to the PC, turn the USB debugger mode ON.
  • As soon as the mode is turned ON, a software called Mobogeni starts getting downloaded in the PC.
  • After the Mobogeni gets downloaded to the PC, all the apps of the android phone gets copied to the Mobogeni window.
  • And from next time whenever we you to use whatsapp, you need not connect the android phone to the PC. Open the Mobogeni window and start using whatsapp directly.