How to Create Videos on a Shoestring Budget

Do you want to create videos but are concerned about how much it will cost? While it is true that some videos cost thousands of dollars or more to create – it is possible to create them for much less.

In fact if you really want to you could create videos on a shoestring budget and barely spend anything at all. To do that, there are a few things that you should focus on:

  • Use what you have

To keep your budget low, your mantra should be to always use what you have. A good place to start is with the video camera, and you should use your existing camera or smartphone rather than investing in a new camera.

In other areas you should always try to make do with what you have (and will incur no additional cost) as well – including lighting, props, locations, and so on.

  • Be realistic about your expectations

As you start to ideate and plan your video – be realistic about what you want to create. By keeping your expectations more grounded, you will be less likely to attempt to create a video that is far beyond your budget’s reach.

  • Plan the video thoroughly

Before you record a single frame of video footage, be sure that you’ve planned the video thoroughly from start to finish and have written a script. The plan should map out every aspect of the video, and will allow you to evaluate the logistics and budget that will be required.

Additionally a thorough plan will mean that you can avoid any surprises that may inflate the budget unexpectedly as you start to record the video.

  • Explore different types of videos

Recording live video footage can be challenging – especially in terms of the logistics involved. By comparison other types of videos may be easier to record and require a smaller budget, such as slideshows, animations, or whiteboard videos.

For example you could use a simple slideshow creator such as Movavi Slideshow Maker to put together a video easily and on a really small budget.

  • Invest in the right areas

Considering your budget is limited, it is important that you invest what you do have in the right areas – i.e. where it will have the most impact. That can vary from case to case, but hiring a professional video editor to cut together the footage is a good place to start.

On top of that you could look into investing in high quality microphones if you want to record audio that sounds great, and maybe hire decent acting talent if the script requires it.

If you focus on the areas listed above, you will find that you’re able to really stretch your budget when creating videos. The exact budget that you’ll need will vary, but you should be able to keep it as low as possible while still ensuring that you come up with impressive videos. Simply put – focus on the right areas, and creating videos needn’t be a huge expense.