How to Fix Outlook Error [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]?

You must be a Microsoft Outlook user. The reason you come across this article. You must be looking for the solutions to the error code [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]. Luckily, you have landed in the right place. We can understand the irritation that we usually suffer after getting such an error.

You won’t be able to send or receive emails. Isn’t it is bad? Let’s suppose you won’t be able to open the application or your account due to such an error. What could be worse than this? Fortunately, it is not a nightmare anymore. It could get happen to anyone’s computer and application.

Fix outlook error [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]

Some people recently have reported some errors in the outlook. The error code is [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]. However, you do not have to be worried about this error much. In this article, we are adding some definitive solutions. Let’s have a look.

What is [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] Error?

You never know what’s happening. Thus, we are adding this section to let people know about the error code. This error code is not a kind of malware. But, what it gonna do is to block your access to the application and your outlook account.

You no longer will have access to the outlook account if this error popped up on the screen. You will have to complete some actions mentioned in a popup message to move to the next screen.

[pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] outlook error code is nothing if we know the solutions. Thus, we are adding a piece of complete information over here.

Let’s have a look.

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How to Fix Outlook Error [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]?

You do not have to get worried about the outlook error code [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] much. Everything has a solution so does the error is having some quick solutions as well. Let me list them below.

Stop using multiple email accounts – 1

First, this is one of the primary reason behind the outlook error code [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]. The multiple email accounts in the same application create a conflict between each other and create a loop in the server. Thus, the error code [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] occurs.

The quick solution is to remove all the duplicate or other email accounts that are currently logged in the application. You only have to log in to the primary email account, the one which you want to use.

Alternatively, you can use the web version of outlook.

Incorrect installation – 2

The second reason quite is the improper installation of the outlook. Sometimes, we install the application incorrectly on the computer, and later on, it creates an issue.

For this, one needs to install the application again on the computer to prevent such an issue. You can try downloading the latest version from the internet.

After that, just install it on the computer, and hopefully, the [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] will get solved.


No one likes to receive errors in the application. For instance, one of the common outlook error that people generally reported is [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]. It does block access to the application.

However, there is nothing to be worried about. In this article, we have added everything that one needs to know about this error code. We even have added solutions. If there is anything else? Do not hesitate to ask us in the comments section.